Growing Your Practice Through Teledermatology

Modern dermatology practices often have a marketing budget for new patient acquisition, and many marketing strategies are successful at generating interest in the practice. Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks when it comes to converting a prospective patient into a customer. With challenges getting in touch with the front desk staff and long wait times for the next available appointment slot, patients are increasingly more likely to seek alternative modes of care when they can't consult with you quickly enough. In this white paper, we demonstrate why teledermatology is a viable option for capturing and providing high quality, efficient care for a new generation of patients who aren't willing to wait.

Download White Paper Now to Learn :

  • Key metrics around new patient acquisition, including average volume per dermatologist and lifetime value
  • Reasons why interested patients don't end up making it into your office
  • The expected growth of on-demand alternatives and how these options can be hindering your new patient acquisition efforts
  • How a telehealth solution can capture new patients traffic and result in lasting in-person physician-patient relationships