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Wondering about a Skin Lesion?
A skin lesion is a growth that develops on the skin. Skin lesions can be benign or malignant (cancerous). If you develop a changing, growing, bleeding, irregularly pigmented or bordered skin lesion you should seek evaluation without delay.
SkyMD: Online Skin Lesion Specialists at Your Fingertips
Noticed a new or changing growth on your skin? SkyMD dermatologists can evaluate your skin lesion online based on patient photos and SkyMD’s questionnaire for skin lesions. Your SkyMD dermatologist will provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations for your lesion.

Receive personalized online treatment for your skin lesion with SkyMD

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Get a personalized treatment plan. Prescriptions are digitally routed to your preferred pharmacy.

Learn More About Skin Lesions
Are new skin growths dangerous?
“Not necessarily. However, all new skin growths should be examined by a dermatologist to ensure that they are not unhealthy. Some of the warning signs are growths that are changing in size or color and that are symptomatic or bleed. Do not delay the examination of any new skin growth.”
SkyMD dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD speaks about precautions you should take against melanoma and when to get screened by a dermatologist.
What are some common types of benign skin lesions?
Our dermatologists can treat a wide variety of skin, hair and nail conditions through SkyMD.