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Meet the providers who are leading dermatology into the digital age.
SkyMD is powered by an experienced network of top-rated dermatologists with practices across the United States. Our experts in medical and cosmetic dermatology come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Many have served as clinical innovators, professors, research pioneers, and skincare product developers. All are leaders in their speciality.

Branson Dermatology

Branson, MO
Why Dermatology?

For Dr. Rainey, dermatology is about empowering patients to live life to the fullest. She has built a reputation as kind and knowledgeable in her community, and patients trust her to deliver high-quality, compassionate care. “I enjoy being able to make patients both look and feel better. My aim is to be able to increase their quality of life.”

With almost a decade of experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Rainey is proud to run her own practice, as it enables her to provide the highest quality care and treatments to her patients. “I enjoy having the independence and flexibility to tailor my practice to my needs and the needs of my patients,” she reflects.

"I enjoy being able to make patients both look and feel better. My aim is to be able to increase their quality of life."
A Valuable Tool

As a top-rated dermatologist in an area with minimal access to skin care specialists, Dr. Rainey’s care is in high demand. SkyMD enables her to connect with both existing and new patients on demand - no wait time involved. “I'm located in an area with a complete lack of dermatology care. With SkyMD, I can quickly and thoroughly address cases like acne, rashes, and lesion checks online for those who don't want to wait months to get an appointment in our region.”

Given her individualized, patient-centric approach, Dr. Rainey views SkyMD as a valuable tool for interacting with them. “Patients are pleased with how simple it is to use. I anticipate an increase in patients seeking quick, convenient online visits instead of coming into the office.”

SkyMD gives Dr. Rainey the resources she needs to effectively diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. From customized diagnosis templates to seamless e-prescribing, online dermatology enables physicians like Dr. Rainey to focus on what matters most - excellent patient care. “I am impressed with the ease of jumping on a computer or mobile device to complete the visits in a thorough, quick, and efficient manner,” Rainey says.

Brouha Derma

La Jolla, CA
Why Dermatology?

Brouha’s inspiration to specialize in dermatology came from an unexpected source. “Early in my time at medical school, my cousin had two melanomas diagnosed before the age of 30. While learning about his disease, in order to explain its ramifications to the family, I became very interested in dermatology.” That interest stuck, and after pursuing a PhD in genetics and his medical degree, Brouha entered his residency in dermatology. He is board-certified in dermatology and dermatopathology and has conducted extensive biomedical and clinical research.

"Education is one of my favorite parts of the patient interaction."
Empowering Patients through Education

As an educator, Dr. Brouha emphasizes the importance of working closely with patients to help them understand their conditions and treatment options. “Education is one of my favorite parts of the patient interaction. I use my experience as an eighth grade teacher to simplify and organize difficult medical concepts.” While teaching 8th grade science in a VA public school before pursuing his MD / PhD, Brouha gained an appreciation for the individualized nature of learning, and applies this principle in his practice today.

Care on Your Schedule

Brouha recognizes that his patients are busy, and convenience is an important factor in getting them the care they need, when they need it. “For common dermatologic issues and conditions, it is hard to beat SkyMD. I love the fact that a patient can save precious hours by submitting a visit from the comfort of their own home.” Dr. Brouha’s patients appreciate not having to take time out of work, school, and other responsibilities to recieve the same quality care they would in-office. “SkyMD allows me to fully respect the time and busy schedules of my patients,” he says.

Rapaport Dermatology of Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, CA
Why Dermatology?

Observing a skin cancer surgery before she’d even finished high school, Dr. Rapaport realized that dermatology was her calling. “I knew I wanted to be a dermatologist when I was 16,” she remembers. “I was working in my father’s dermatology practice for the summer and his nurse called me in to watch him do a small surgical procedure on a patient’s forehead. I never knew my dad had these skills! And the patient didn’t feel anything! It was pretty amazing and I knew I wanted to do that exact same thing - cure someone of skin cancer with such a routine procedure.”

“When a patient sends in their spouse or father or child to see me, it's the ultimate vote of confidence.”
Expertise Patients Can Trust

Rapaport works hard to build trust and mutual understanding with each one of her patients. “When a patient sends in their spouse or father or child to see me, it's the ultimate vote of confidence.” As someone who places incredible value on the experience of her patients, she is honored to have earned their trust.

Vicki is not only renowned and trusted among her patients, but among her peers as well. Fellow dermatologists often send her patients with particularly challenging or uncertain cases. “I see this as a reflection of my expert opinions and my ability to handle difficult cases. This makes me excited about my skills and my ability to help someone be healthy as well as teach a fellow dermatologist about something they may have never seen before.”

A New Generation of Care and Cures

"I have seen so many more young patients - 'millennials' - coming in for full body skin exams because they are taking better care of themselves than previous generations were," says Dr. Rapaport. She is optimistic that that the increased prevalence of skin checks will transform the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. "I imagine that we will discover more skin cancers since so many more people are coming in - and in turn, will cure these cancers earlier."

Dr. Rapaport says that online dermatology is crucial to building effective, lasting relationships with this new generation of patients. "Many more young people are getting medical care virtually, as they are so used to instant responses to their questions and want instant access to help." Before SkyMD, Rapaport wasn't sure how her practice was going to fully meet the needs of these patients. "But now, with SkyMD, it is possible! They get help with dermatologic concerns without the numerous barriers of actually coming into the office."

Forest Dermatology

Asheville, NC
Why Dermatology?

“I first realized my desire to pursue dermatology in medical school while shadowing a dermatologist in my spare time,” recalls Sigmon. “The ability to foster long-term relationships with my patients and their families and the challenge of treating many different chronic and acute skin conditions drew me to the field. I can't imagine practicing any other field of medicine where I would be more happy to get up for work everyday.”

“All of these technological advances make us more efficient at providing the best care possible.”
A Dynamic Field

Dr. Sigmon reflects on how digital innovation has revolutionized the field of dermatology. “I can't imagine practicing without the technologies we have - electronic health records, electronic prescribing, and now telemedicine,” he says. “All of these technological advances make us more efficient at providing the best care possible.” For his practice, staying ahead of the curve on technology has had tangible benefits in patient care.

Despite clinical and technological advances, practicing dermatology today isn’t without its challenges. “Getting my patients access to the best medications at the most affordable prices for their skin conditions can be a challenge,” cites Sigmon as an example. Yet it’s a challenge he embraces, as affordability of treatments is crucial to ensuring patients receive the care they need.

Meeting Diverse Patient Needs

When asked why SkyMD and online dermatology are an asset to his patients, Sigmon’s answers are numerous. “Interacting with patients post-operatively, reconnecting with patients who couldn't make an in-office appointment fit their work schedule, completing medication refills, and treating patients while they're out of town have been huge benefits of this technology,” he says. “It's also been great with college students who need follow up, but are too far away to come into the office.” Sigmon says SkyMD is an asset to his practice because of the wide range of conditions that can be diagnosed and treated online.

Comprehensive Dermatology of Idaho, PLLC

Nampa, ID
Why Dermatology?

Dr. Owsley was planning to specialize in cardiology until a dermatology rotation during his final year of medical school shifted his perspective. “I realized I loved the mix of both medical and surgical dermatology,” he says, “and the huge difference we could make in the lives of our patients.” After graduating first in his class from Chicago Medical School, Dr. Owsley pursued an internship in Internal Medicine at Northwestern, followed by a Dermatology residency at the University of Iowa Hospital.

Comprehensive Care for All

Dr. Owsley founded Comprehensive Dermatology of Idaho in 2012. Today, with almost two decades of experience, he also participates in cutting-edge research to provide counsel and treatment related to dermatologic concerns. He is known for going above-and-beyond for patients, who appreciate his compassion, attentiveness, and sense of humor.

“I enjoy the ability to work with patients of all ages,” Owsley says, reflecting on his practice. From making skin care fun for the kids to helping adults understand the ins and outs of their dermatologic treatment, his commitment to education and personalized care truly shows.

As a healthcare professional, he emphasizes the importance of connecting closely with patients. “I try to learn something personal about each patient and hear overall how they and their families are doing with each visit.” Outside of the office, Owsley enjoys spending time with his own family, wife and 2 daughters. His many hobbies include skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, camping, rafting and the outdoors in general.

Access, Efficiency, and Convenience

Online dermatology has empowered Owsley and other dermatologists in his practice to build even stronger, lasting relationships with patients. “With the SkyMD platform, we can be more accessible to patients. They have loved the convenience of online appointments from home and being able to get a diagnosis and prescription without having to take time off from their day to come to the office,” he says. Given high demand for dermatology care (there’s often a 4-6 month waiting list for in-office appointments) SkyMD enables Owsley to visit with more patients sooner. The platform builds seamlessly into the existing workflow of his practice.

Owsley says that online dermatology has added great value in the form of patient satisfaction as well. Convenience, easy follow-ups, and zero wait time are appreciated by busy patients. Individuals and families throughout the region - who may not have time to drive into the office for visits - can now connect with Owsley’s practice from anywhere.