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About Dr. Maryann Mikhail

Dr. Mikhail is a Board Certified Dermatologist with experience in all aspects of medical and cosmetic dermatology. Before relocating to South Florida and joining SkyMD, Dr. Mikhail founded Spring Street Dermatology and held an attending position at Mount Sinai in New York City. Dr. Mikhail is on the forefront of research of dermatology having published findings on cancer, psoriasis, skin discoloration, and more. She has genuine care and generosity for her patients dating back to when she was the coordinator for a non-profit free clinic in 2002. With a strong online and social media presence, she's an icon for skin health, beauty, and safety. We're lucky to have her on the team!

Conditions Treated

All medical dermatology diseases, including acne, rosacea, contact dermatitis, skin discoloration, cellulitis, rashes, HSV, herpes, warts, ulcers, skin lesions, malignant neoplasms of the skin, nail issues, hair loss, skin aging, cold sores, sun damage or actinic keratoses, epidermal cysts, eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic keratosis or benign skin tumors, dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis or cradle cap, folliculitis, hives or urticaria, atopic dermatitis, tinea or tinea versicolor, fungal infections, cosmetic procedure follow-up, surgical procedure follow-up, inflammatory skin diseases, parasitic infections such as scabies or head lice.

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Qualifications and Education

Board Certified in Dermatology as of August 7, 2009 10 year recertification as of July 16, 2019 Residency: 7/2006-6/2009 Saint Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center New York, NY Department of Dermatology Chief Resident, 2008-2009 Internship: 6/2005-6/2006 Saint Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center New York, NY Department of Internal Medicine Research 9/2003-9/2004 New York University School of Medicine Department of Dermatology Focus Prognostic implications of molecular alterations in melanoma, prostate cancer, and bladder cancer. 2000-2002 (summers) New York University School of Medicine Honors Program Focus Disorders of pigmentation Honors & Awards 6/1/2004 American Dermatologic Association Research Award: “The clinical and biological relevance of altered PTEN expression in primary melanoma” 12/16/2003 Honors for thesis defense: “Tyrosine Analogs can correct Tyrosinase Defects and Induce Melanin Formation in Melan-P1 Cells” 5/15/2000 Scholar in Spanish Literature Award 9/1996-5/2000 Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholar 12/1996-5/2000 Dean’s List Publications 1. Mikhail M, Smith BL, What is your diagnosis? Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus. Cutis. 2014 Apr;92)4):177,183-4. 2. Alsaad SM, Mikhail M, Periocular Hyperpigmentation: A Review of Etiology and Current Treatment Options. J Drugs Dermatol. 2013 Feb: 12(2):154-7. 3. Mikhail M, Smith BL, What’s eating you? Human Botfly. Cutis. 2009 Aug;84(2):81-3. 4. Mikhail M, Sceppa J, Smith BL, Chu P, Marghoob AA. Four Views of Areolar Melanosis: Clinical Appearance, Dermoscopy, Confocal Microscopy and Histopathology. Dermatol Surg. 2008 May 6. 5. Mikhail M, Wolchok J, Goldberg SM, Dunkel IJ, Roses DF, Silverberg NB. Rapid enlargement of a malignant melanoma in a child with vitiligo vulgaris after application of topical tacrolimus. Arch Dermatol. 2008 Apr;144(4):560-1. 6. Mikhail M, Weinberg JM, Smith BL. Successful treatment with etanercept of von Zumbusch pustular psoriasis in a patient with human immunodeficiency virus. Arch Dermatol. 2008 Apr;144(4):453-6. 7. Mikhail M, Weinberg JM, Smith BL. Body lice (Pediculus humanus var corporis). Cutis. 2007 Nov;80(5):397-8. 8. Yancovitz J, Yoon J, Mikhail M, et al. Detection of Mutant BRAF Alleles in the Plasma of Patients with Metastatic Melanoma. Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, 2007 Apr;9(2):178-83. 9. Osman I, Dai J, Mikhail M, et al. Loss of neutral endopeptidase and activation of protein kinase B (Akt) is associated with prostate cancer progression. Cancer 2006; 107 (11): 2628-36. 10. Mikhail M, Velasquez E, Shapiro R, et al. PTEN expression in melanoma: relationship with patient survival, Bcl-2 expression, and proliferation. Clinical Cancer Research 2005; 11(14):5153-7. 11. Mikhail M Scheinfeld N. Psoriasis severity, scoring, and treatment with phototherapy and systemic medications. Advanced Studies in Medicine 2005; 5(1):38-45. 12. Mikhail M, Eichenbaum M, Gerstenfeld E, et al. Case Report: Simultaneous Acral Nodular Eruption and Flagellate erythema caused by Bleomycin. J Drugs Dermatol 2005;4(1):81-4. 13. Osman I, Mikhail M, Shuch B, Clute M, Cheli CD, Ghani F, Taneja SS. Serum levels of Her2/neu antigen in prostate cancer patients: A correlation with clinical state and survival. Journal of Urology 2005;174(6):2714-7. 14. Mikhail M and Ackerman AB. Actinic prurigo: Hutchinson’s summer prurigo, prurigo solare, and hereditary polymorphic light eruption of the American Indians: A critical assessment in historical perspective of a single pathologic process. Dermatopathology: Practical and Conceptual 2004;10(3). Available: www.derm101.com. 15. Mikhail M and Scheinfeld N. Evidence-Based review of topical treatments for psoriasis. Advanced Studies in Medicine 2004; 4(8):420-429. 16. Mikhail M and Scheinfeld N. Therapy treatment options for psoriasis, topical and systemic. Therapy 2004; 1(2):1-12. 17. Shuch B, Mikhail M, Satagopan J, et al. Racial disparity of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor expression in prostate cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2004;22(23):4673-4677. 18. Böer A, Werner B, Mikhail M. You want publish? Pay first! Dermatopathology: Practical and Conceptual 2004; 10(4). Available: www.derm101.com. 19. Chiriboga L, Osman I, Mikhail M, Lau C. Tissue microarrays, tread carefully. Laboratory Investigation 2004; 84:1677 20. Osman I, Kang M, Lee A, Deng F, Polsky D, Mikhail M, et al. Detection of circulating cancer cells expressing Uroplakins and Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in bladder cancer patients. International Journal of Cancer 2004;111(6):934-9. 21. Mikhail M and Smith BL. What’s eating you? The Human Botfly (Dermatobia hominis), accepted: Cutis, August 2008. Poster Abstracts 1. Mikhail M and Alexis A. Abuse of skin lightening agents. L’Oreal Ethnic Hair and Skin Symposium. November, 2007: Miami, Florida. 2. Shuch B, Mikhail M, Satagopan J, Lee P, Yee H, Chang C, Cordon-Cardo C, Taneja SS, Osman I. Racial disparity of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Expression in Prostate Cancer. American Society of Clinical Oncology 40th Annual Meeting. Abstract# 4556. February, 2004: New Orleans, Louisiana. Presentations 8/5/2007 “Hailey-Hailey Disease” American Academy of Dermatology Summer Meeting 8/5/2007 “Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis” American Academy of Dermatology Summer Meeting 6/5/2007 “Skin Bleaching Practices Among Ethnic Patients” New York Academy of Medicine, Resident’s Night Community Activities 6/2007-present Board of Directors, The Littlest Lamb Orphanage www.thelittlestlamb.org 8/2002-6/2005 Coordinator, NYC Free Clinic 8/2000-8/2002 Coordinator, Rx: Literacy Literacy program at the 30th Street Homeless Shelter 9/1998-5/2000 Chairperson, Martin Luther King Scholars Community Service Committee 9/1996-8/2000 Volunteer teacher, Greenwich House Preschool Skills Conversational in Arabic and Spanish. Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications, EndNote, and Photoshop. Professional Memberships American Academy of Dermatology

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