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I have been trying to schedule a dermatologist appointment for several months with each one in my area having appointment dates almost a year out, with this site, I was able to submit my concerns and I received a diagnosis and treatment plan in less than an hour. I was satisfied with my response and treatment plan and would definitely recommend this to a friend, in fact, I already have!

Kaila, California

I got a response within an hour. The Dr listened to my concerns. Was very knowledgeable. Didn’t just give me a pre types response but we were actually having a conversation. It’s like an in office appt just virtual.

Sandra, Texas

Maria was on top of finding out what was going on with my hair loss that I was dealing with for about 4 years. In all about those four years I had at least 5 different dermatologist just guess on what they thought was happening. Maria was able to tell me right away. Thank you Maria I relieved. She's the best.

Diana, Utah

The doctor was very nice and kind and really knew what prescription to send me for my melasma problem. Consultation is not as expensive as if you see a private dermatologist and they answer reply to your question quickly.

Gloria, Tennessee

I received help faster than going to a doctor in person and it was way more informative. I didn’t feel like I was on a conveyor belt.

Raeya, Florida

So much easier and faster than going to a dermatologist locally. The doctor responds really quickly and I think her diagnosis was accurate.

Bridget, California

We have limited access to dermatology in my area. This was very easy. I've put off getting treatment due to access. Can't wait to get my treatment started. I also like I received other things that will help beside a RX.

Elaine, Hawaii

Better quality of service than in in-person visit.

Samuel, Kansas

I tried SkyMD® because there are no Dermatologists in my small town. The doctor quickly diagnosed my concerns and sent a skin treatment prescription to my pharmacy within 24 hours. It was fast, easy, and affordable. My messages were responded to very quickly and completely.

Margot, New York

It has been a really easy process and I feel we get better care than in an office visit. Communication is better and that helps with the experience.

Edward, Oregon

My doctor is awesome and very helpful. Will continue to use this service.

Andrew, Texas

Because the doctor not only told me about one treatment, but he explained in detail every possible treatment. Also he respond to all my questions

Julian, California

No waiting rooms, immediate response, and excellent service.

They were quick, efficient and able to help out with a common issue that I wait 9 months to see a dermatologist in person for!

Jessica, Washington

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SkyMD is a virtual nationwide walk-in clinic staffed with the best board certified physicians, and you can see an online physician RIGHT NOW!

Dr. Robert Peppercorn
Dr. Robert Peppercorn
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Dr. Robert Peppercorn
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Compassionate and trusted physicians who get you

SkyMD is a virtual nationwide walk-in clinic staffed with the best board certified physicians, and you can see an online physician RIGHT NOW!

Does SkyMD® have a doctor near me?


Does SkyMD® have a doctor near me?

Yes! Our SkyMD® medical group is currently treating patients and their skin diseases in 50 US states. You don't need to schedule or book an appointment. SkyMD® is a virtual nationwide walk-in clinic staffed with board certified physicians that you can see RIGHT NOW!

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