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A growing number of dermatologists are expressing interest in teledermatology, and the market is responding with new technologies and platforms to meet and create patient demand. SkyMD® is a company focused on teledermatology specifically, with the goal of helping dermatologists expand their local reach by providing teleconsults for dermatologic needs.
SkyMD® has announced the full-scale rollout of its telehealth application: a platform that connects dermatologists to their patients. Since its soft launch in October 2015, SkyMD® has seen growth in the application’s usage and effectiveness.
As of 2015, 62% of smartphone owners had used their phone to research a medical condition in the past year, and as one McKinsey report shows, 75% of patients would like to receive digital health care.
New York City-based SkyMD®, which has developed a telemedicine service for providers to use with their patients, raised $800,000 from angel investors including Blue Apron founder Matt Salzberg and Livestar founder Fritz Lanman.

A patient from Scottsdale, Arizona submitted a visit with Dr. Kevin Wright on the SkyMD iOS app.

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