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AETNA ANTHEM BLUE CROSS Blue Shield Of California Cigna Golden Rule Health Net Humana Meritain Oxford Health Plan UMR United Healthcare Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Texas Humana Health Plan of Texas United Healthcare (Texas) Cigna HealthCare of Texas Empire BlueCross BlueShield of New York Humana (New York) United Healthcare (New York) Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Oxford Health Insurance Company (New York) Cigna Health (New York) BlueCross BlueShield of Florida Cigna HealthCare of Florida Humana (Florida) United Healthcare (Florida) Blue Shield Federal Employee Plan United Healthcare Student Resources Premera Health Cigna Health and Life (AZ) Cigna Health and Life (GA) Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia TRICARE WEST MEDICARE COMMUNITY HEALTH GROUP TRICARE / VETERANS CHOICE BLUE CROSS / BLUE SHIELD UPMC AARP AETNA BETTER HEALTH OF CA APWU ASSURANT HEALTH BANKERS UNITED LIFE BENEFIT & RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES BLUE CROSS OF CA BRAND NEW DAY CHAMPVA/HAC GEHA GEHA ASA NAPHCARE INC RAILROAD MEDICARE TRICARE FOR LIFE UMR - WAUSAU/UHIS Prospect Medical Group MULTIPLAN - all types United Healthcare PPO 4Most (Physician Services of West Virginia) (Three Rivers - TRPN) A-G Administrators (Three Rivers - TRPN) A&G Healthcare Services (Three Rivers - TRPN) A&S Financial Services (Three Rivers - TRPN) Activa Benefit Services LLC. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Aggressive Medical Cost Containment (AMCC) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Alpha Review Corporation (Three Rivers - TRPN) American Family Mutual Insurance Company (AFMIC) (AMFAM) (Three Rivers - TRPN) American Medical Bill Review (AMBR) (Three Rivers - TRPN) American National Property Casualty (ANPAC) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Ametros (Three Rivers - TRPN) Associated Benefits Corporation (ABC) (Three Rivers - TRPN) AXIS Services, Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Benefit Administrative Systems (BAS) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Berkshire MPN (Three Rivers - TRPN) Best Doctors, Inc. (BDI) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Best Life and Health Insurance (BLHIC) (Three Rivers - TRPN) BME Gateway (Exam Works) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Broadspire (Three Rivers - TRPN) California Claims Management Services - formerly Integrated Claims Administrators, Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Carpenters Southwest Administrative Corp. (CSAC) (Three Rivers - TRPN) CaseNet Managed Care (Three Rivers - TRPN) Certified Collateral Corporation(CCC) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Change Healthcare (TC3) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Claims Application Management, Inc (CAM) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Compensable Benefits (Three Rivers - TRPN) Competitive Health (Three Rivers - TRPN) CompIQ Solutions (Three Rivers - TRPN) CoreChoice (Three Rivers - TRPN) CompStar Systems, Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) CorVel Healthcare Corporation (Three Rivers - TRPN) Cornerstone Preferred Resources (Three Rivers - TRPN) CSRA Health Co-op, Inc (Three Rivers - TRPN) Coventry CWI Benefits (Three Rivers - TRPN) Design Benefit Administrators (Three Rivers - TRPN) Diversified Group Brokerage Corp (DGB) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Employee Benefits Administration & Management Corporation (EBA&M) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Enlyte - Mitchell – SmartAdvisor (Three Rivers - TRPN) Enlyte - Mitchell - Decision Point (Three Rivers - TRPN) Equitable Plan Services (Three Rivers - TRPN) Equian/ Health Systems International (HSI) (OPTUM) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Federated Insurance (Three Rivers - TRPN) Fair Pay Solutions (Three Rivers - TRPN) Fiserv (Three Rivers - TRPN) First Administrators Inc (Three Rivers - TRPN) Ford Motor Company (Three Rivers - TRPN) Future Care, Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) GENEX - MITCHELL - Intracorp (Genex) (International Rehab Assoc) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Global Excel Management (GEM) (Three Rivers - TRPN) GlobalCare (Zelis) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Global Health Claims Services Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Golden Triangle Specialty Network, LLC (Three Rivers - TRPN) HealthCare Solutions (aka Procura) (Now OPTUM) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Health Cost Management, LLC (HCM) (Now ExamWorks) (Three Rivers - TRPN) HealthComp (Three Rivers - TRPN) Healthcare Insight, LLC (HCI) (now CoMagine Health) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Health Management Solutions, Inc (Three Rivers - TRPN) Health Plan of Upper Ohio Valley (Three Rivers - TRPN) HealthSmart Casualty Claims Solutions - Smart Casualty Claims (Three Rivers - TRPN) Health Special Risk Inc - Formally Academic Risk Management (Three Rivers - TRPN) Health Risk Resource Group (HRGi) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Heritage Consultants Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) HHC Group of Maryland (Three Rivers - TRPN) Humana (Three Rivers - TRPN) IE Shaffer & Co (Three Rivers - TRPN) India Network Services (Three Rivers - TRPN) Inetico - now VALENZ (Three Rivers - TRPN) Insurance Programmers (Zenith American Solutions) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Integrated Healthcare Solutions (IHS) Health Data Insights (Three Rivers - TRPN) Intelligent Medical Solutions (IMS) (Three Rivers - TRPN) International Medical Group (Three Rivers - TRPN) Island Group Administrators Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) J&L Risk Management Consultants, Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (Three Rivers - TRPN) Kansas Building Industry Workers Comp Fund (now Kansas Builders Insurance Group - KBIG) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Kappa Benefit Services Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Laborers Metropolitan Detroit Healthcare Fund (Three Rivers - TRPN) LaHousse-Bartlett Disability Management (dba Review Works) (Three Rivers - TRPN) MagnaCare Administrative Services (Three Rivers - TRPN) Managed Care Systems LLC - Dignity Health Management Services - GEMCare Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Managed Medical Review Organization (Three Rivers - TRPN) MCMC / CareWorks / YORK (Three Rivers - TRPN) Med Audit Services, Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Med-Pay Inc (Three Rivers - TRPN) Medata (Three Rivers - TRPN) Medical Administrators Incorporated (a Spooner Company) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Medical Claims Review Services, Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) MediExcel Health Plan (MEHP) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Medlogix - Consolidated Service Group (CSG) (Three Rivers - TRPN) MedPlus Health Solutions (Three Rivers - TRPN) Meridian Resource Company, LLC (Three Rivers - TRPN) Mountain States Insurance Group (Three Rivers - TRPN) Mt. Morris Mutual Insurance Company (Three Rivers - TRPN) Myers Stevens & Toohey Co (Three Rivers - TRPN) National Health Benefits & Casualty (NHBC) (Three Rivers - TRPN) NCAComp, LLC. (NCAS) (Three Rivers - TRPN) New York Central Mutual Fire Insurance Company (NYCM) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Nova Healthcare Administrators (Three Rivers - TRPN) NovaNet (Three Rivers - TRPN) Ohio Carpenters Health & Welfare Fund (Three Rivers - TRPN) Oklahoma Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association (OPCIGA) (Three Rivers - TRPN) P5 Health Plan Solutions (Three Rivers - TRPN) PACBLU (Three Rivers - TRPN) Patient Advocates, LLC (Three Rivers - TRPN) PCE Systems (Peter Chang Enterprises) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Penfield Care (Three Rivers - TRPN) Pequot (Three Rivers - TRPN) Peregrin Medical Review (Three Rivers - TRPN) Pinnacle Managed Care Services (Three Rivers - TRPN) Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union No.33 (Three Rivers - TRPN) Health and Welfare Trust (Three Rivers - TRPN) Precision Bill Review (Three Rivers - TRPN) Preferred Care (Three Rivers - TRPN) Preferred Medical Claims Solutions, PMCS (Three Rivers - TRPN) Premier Comp Solutions (Three Rivers - TRPN) Premier Healthcare Exchange (PHX) (Zelis) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Premier WorkComp Management (Three Rivers - TRPN) Prime Health Services, Inc (Three Rivers - TRPN) Qualcare (Three Rivers - TRPN) Quality Health Management (Three Rivers - TRPN) QuantumOne Networks (Three Rivers - TRPN) Quest Medical Claims (Three Rivers - TRPN) Republic Capital Claims Administrators (Three Rivers - TRPN) Reunion Industries (dba Chatwins) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Rising Medical Solutions (Three Rivers - TRPN) Sedgwick / Rockport (Wellcomp) (York) (PACMED) (Rockport) (Three Rivers - TRPN) SEIU Long Term Care Workers Health Trust (Three Rivers - TRPN) Self-Insured Solutions, Inc. - Rehabilitation, Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Sharp Health Plan (Three Rivers - TRPN) Sierra Health and Life Insurance / Sierra Healthcare Options / Sierra Nevada Administration (Three Rivers - TRPN) SIHO Southeastern Indiana Health (Three Rivers - TRPN) Simplifi ESO LLC (fka CBCA Administrators) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Southern Benefit Services, LLC (Three Rivers - TRPN) Southern California Pipe Trades Administrative Corporation (SCPTAC) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Spooner Incorporated (Three Rivers - TRPN) Spraying Systems Company (Three Rivers - TRPN) Stratose (Zelis) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Tandem Care, LLC (Three Rivers - TRPN) The Assist Group - EQUIAN (Three Rivers - TRPN) The ASU Group (Three Rivers - TRPN) The Benefit Group (Three Rivers - TRPN) The Maskin Group (Three Rivers - TRPN) The Reny Company (Three Rivers - TRPN) Tongass Timber Trust - Alaska Forest Association (Three Rivers - TRPN) Total Managed Care - RISICO (Three Rivers - TRPN) Tour Med (Three Rivers - TRPN) TPA of Georgia (Three Rivers - TRPN) TriStar Benefit Administrators (Three Rivers - TRPN) Tristar Group (Three Rivers - TRPN) Triton Healthcare Partners (Three Rivers - TRPN) UC Health Plan Administrators (Three Rivers - TRPN) Union Construction Workers Health Plan (UCW) (Northwest Ohio Administrators) (Three Rivers - TRPN) United Claim Solutions (now VALENZ) (Three Rivers - TRPN) W.J. Cox Associates, Inc. (Three Rivers - TRPN) Welfare Fund of the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 15, 15A, 15C and 15D (IUOE) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Wells Fargo TPA - Acordia (Three Rivers - TRPN) Western Integrated Care - FORMERLY - Injury Care of Nevada (ICON) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Writers Guild (WGA) (Three Rivers - TRPN) Volm Companies (Multiplan) VURVhealth, LLC fka Pacific Rx Network, LLC (Multiplan) Vxtra Partners, LLC (Multiplan) Vytra Health Plans (Multiplan) W.F. Baird & Associates Ltd (Multiplan) W.R. Meadows, Inc. (Multiplan) Walker Engineering, Inc. (Multiplan) Walker White, Inc. (Multiplan) Wall-Tech (Multiplan) Warehouse Home Furnishings Distributors, Inc. dba Farmers Furniture (Multiplan) Warrenton Fiber Company (Multiplan) Warrior Cost Management, LLC (Multiplan) Washington Fruit (Multiplan) Washington Parish School Board (Multiplan) Waterman Broadcasting of Florida, LLC (Multiplan) Waterstone Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) Watkins Uiberall, PLLC (Multiplan) Wauna Credit Union (Multiplan) Waupaca Northwoods For Prefone (Multiplan) Wayland Baptist University (Multiplan) WDI LLC (Multiplan) We Care Food Stores Inc (Multiplan) WEA (Multiplan) WEA Insurance Corporation (Multiplan) WEB-TPA (Multiplan) Wellbe Inc (Multiplan) WellCare Health Plans (Multiplan) WellCare of Connecticut, Inc (Multiplan) WellFleet Group, LLC, fka Consolidated Health Plans, Inc (Multiplan) WellNet Healthcare (Multiplan) Wesley College (Multiplan) West Yavapai Guidance Clinic (Multiplan) Western Concrete Pumping, Inc (Multiplan) Western Extrusions Corporation (Multiplan) Western Growers Assurance Trust (Multiplan) Western Kentucky University (Multiplan) Western Texas College (Multiplan) Western Trailer Co (Multiplan) Western Washington Medical Group (Multiplan) Westmoreland County Comm (Multiplan) Wexford Health Sources (Multiplan) WGQ Home Solutions, LLC (Multiplan) Whatcom County (Multiplan) Whatcom Educational Credit Union (Multiplan) Whatcom Transportation Authority (Multiplan) Wheel Pros, LLC (Multiplan) WHI - Crow Precision (Multiplan) WI Early Childhood Association (Multiplan) Wilco Farmers (Multiplan) Wilco Guttering (Multiplan) William J. Sutton & Company, Ltd. d/b/a Sutton Speical Risk (Multiplan) Williams Steel Company (Multiplan) Willse & Associates, Inc. (Multiplan) Wilmington University (Multiplan) Winco Masonry, LP. (Multiplan) Winsupply (Multiplan) Wisconsin Health Fund (Multiplan) Wise Carter Child & Caraway (Multiplan) WMI Mutual Insurance Company fka Western Mutual Insurance Company (Multiplan) Women’s Healthcare Associates (Multiplan) World Assistance Service, Inc (Multiplan) World Insurance Company (Multiplan) World of God Fellowship, Inc. dba Daystar Television Network (Multiplan) World Travel Protection Canada, Inc. dba World Travel Protection (Multiplan) Worldwide Managed Care Partners, LLC (Multiplan) WoW Health Solutions, LLC (Multiplan) WPC Management Partners, LLC (Multiplan) WPS (Multiplan) WPS Applied Ecological Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Wright Construction Company (Multiplan) WSECU (Multiplan) Wynne Building Corporation (Multiplan) Wyoming Downs, LLC (Multiplan) Xperton LLC (Multiplan) Yakama Nation (Multiplan) Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (Multiplan) Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital (Multiplan) Yoder Industries, Inc (Multiplan) Young Womens Christian Association (Multiplan) Your Best Management Company, LLC (Multiplan) YWCA of Seattle (Multiplan) Zeneks (Multiplan) Zenith Administrators (Multiplan) Zenith Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Zenith American Solutions (Multiplan) Zero Waste Recycling, LLC (Multiplan) Zirkle Fruit Company (Multiplan) Zivelo LLC (Multiplan) Zyergy (Multiplan) University of New Haven (Multiplan) University of St. Thomas (Multiplan) University of The Southwest (Multiplan) University of Utah Health Plan (Multiplan) UPMC Health Plan (Multiplan) Upper Skagit Indian Tribe (Multiplan) Upshure County (Multiplan) Ursinus College (Multiplan) US Family Health Plan (Multiplan) US Greenfiber, LLC (Multiplan) US Health and Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) US Health Group fka Ascent Management (Multiplan) US Imaging Network, LLC (Multiplan) US Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) USA Group International, Inc (Multiplan) USC Management Co., LLC (Multiplan) Uvalde County (Multiplan) Uvalde Memorial Hospital (Multiplan) Valence Health Alliant (Multiplan) Valenz Care, formerly Inetico (Multiplan) Valenz Claim, formerly United Claim Solutions (Multiplan) Valley Community Services (Multiplan) Valley Telephone (Multiplan) Valley View Health Center (Multiplan) Van Doren Sales (Multiplan) Vantage Health Plan (Multiplan) Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company (Multiplan) Vault Admin Services (Multiplan) Velocity Aerospace Group, Inc. (Multiplan) Venture Transport, LLC (Multiplan) Verity HealthNet (Multiplan) Verona Area School District (Multiplan) Viant (Multiplan) Vinmar Trade Solutions, LLC (Multiplan) Vintage Archonics Inc (Multiplan) Virginia Military Institute (Multiplan) Virginia University of Lynchburg (Multiplan) Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care of Santa Barbara (Multiplan) 5 Star Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) A & B Process Systems (Multiplan) A & L Great Lake Labs Inc (Multiplan) A & S Financial Services (Multiplan) A W Rehn & Associates (Multiplan) A.L. Baucom (Multiplan) A-1 Limousine, Inc. (Multiplan) AAON (Multiplan) Abacus Technology Coporation (Multiplan) Abilene Christian University (Multiplan) Abodo (Multiplan) ABTC Inc dba Boudoir Noir (Multiplan) Accelerated Curing (Multiplan) Acclaim, Inc. (Multiplan) Accord, Inc. dba Taco Time NW (Multiplan) Accountable Care Management Group, LLC (Multiplan) ACE American Insurance Company (Multiplan) Acme Engineering & Mfg Corp (Multiplan) ACMG, Inc (Multiplan) ACS Benefit Services, Inc (Multiplan) Activa Benefit Services, LLC (Multiplan) Acusis, LLC (Multiplan) Adair, McClellen, Alexandria and Associates (Multiplan) Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. (Multiplan) Ada's Window Tint (Multiplan) Adiuvare Healthcare, LLC (Multiplan) Administration Systems Research Corp (Multiplan) Administrative Concepts, Inc (Multiplan) Adminone (Multiplan) ADTRAV Travel Management (Multiplan) Advanced Benefit Solutions (Multiplan) Advanced Marketing Tactics (Multiplan) Advantek Benefit Administration (Multiplan) Advocate Insurance (Multiplan) Aequor Technologies, LLC (Multiplan) Aetna Health Plans (Multiplan) Affinitiv (Multiplan) Affinity Group Underwriters, Inc (Multiplan) Affordable Benefit Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) Affordable Rent to Own (Multiplan) Agia Inc (Multiplan) AGVA Welfare Trust Fund (Multiplan) AHBL, Inc. (Multiplan) Airbase Carpet Mart, Inc. (Multiplan) Aither Health, LLC (Multiplan) AJ Manufacturing Inc (Multiplan) Akeso Care Management, Inc. (Multiplan) Akitabox (Multiplan) Alaska Children’s Services (Multiplan) Alaska Laborers Const Ind Hlth (Multiplan) Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (Multiplan) Alaskan Copper (Multiplan) Albert Lee Appliance (Multiplan) Alconex Speciality Products (Multiplan) All Phase Electric & Maintenamnce Inc. (Multiplan) All Texas Mortgage LLC (Multiplan) Allegeant, LLC fka LBA Health Plans/DocFirst (Multiplan) Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc (Multiplan) Alliance Computer Technologies (Multiplan) Alliance PPO, LLC (Multiplan) Allied Benefit Systems, Inc. (Multiplan) Allied Industries Health Plan (Multiplan) Allied National Companies (Multiplan) Allied National, Inc (Multiplan) Allied Trust Fund (Multiplan) Allstate Workplace Division (Multiplan) AllWays Health Partners, Inc. fka Neighborhood Health Plan, Inc. (Multiplan) Alternative Benefit Plans (Multiplan) Alternative Risk Management (Multiplan) Amacore Direct Marketing, Inc. (Multiplan) Amalgamated Life Insurance Co (Multiplan) Amalgamated Transit Union Division 1001 H&W Trust (Multiplan) Amalgamated Workers of North America Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Ambassador Care (Multiplan) AMD Health Plan (Multiplan) Ameraplan Security Corporation (Multiplan) Ameriben (Multiplan) American Administrators (Multiplan) American Benefits Association (Multiplan) American Community Mutual Insurance Company (Multiplan) American Group (Multiplan) American Health, Inc (Multiplan) American International Companies (Multiplan) American Life Insurance Company, dba MetLife (Multiplan) American Management Systems (Multiplan) American National Insurance Company (Multiplan) American Plan Administrators (Multiplan) American Republic Insurance Company (Multiplan) American Seafoods Group, LLC (Multiplan) American Trailer World Corp (Multiplan) American Trust Administrators (Multiplan) American Workers Insurance Services (Multiplan) America's Choice Healthplans, LLC (Multiplan) Americomp Billing Solutions, Inc. (Multiplan) AmeriHealth Administrators/ICHP (Multiplan) AmeriHealth Insurance Company of New Jersey (Multiplan) Ameristar Casinos (Multiplan) Ameritex Pipe & Products, LLC fka Pipeline Trucking, Inc. (Multiplan) Amestown S'Klallam Tribe (Multiplan) AMP Plstics (Multiplan) AMS Construction (Multiplan) Amwins Connect Administrators, fka Group Benefit Services, Inc (Multiplan) Analytic Alternative, LLC (Multiplan) Anchor Benefit Consulting, Inc (Multiplan) Anderson Regional Medical Center (Multiplan) Angel of the Winds Casino (Multiplan) Angelina County (Multiplan) Antares Management Solutions (Multiplan) Antares Protective Life Insurance (Multiplan) Anthem, Inc (Multiplan) Anthony Terrasse MD (Multiplan) Anton Cabinetry (Multiplan) Apache Industrial Services, Inc. (Multiplan) API Technologies Corp (Multiplan) Apple Health Care, Inc. (Multiplan) Applegate Greenfiber Acquisition, LLC dba Applegate Greenfiber (Multiplan) Applied Ecological Services (Multiplan) Applied Technical Services Corp (Multiplan) ARCORP, LLC (Multiplan) Aries Freight Systems, LP (Multiplan) Armstrong Relocation and Companies, LLC (Multiplan) Arnet Pharmaceutical Corporation (Multiplan) ASEA/AFSCME L 52 Health Benefits Trust (Multiplan) Ashland Food Cooperative (Multiplan) Ashland School District (Multiplan) ASM Acquisition Inc (Multiplan) ASRM, LLC (Multiplan) Assoc Management Partners & Executive Directors (Multiplan) Associated Anesthesiologists of Fort Wa (Multiplan) Associated Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. dba Bryan Materials Group (Multiplan) Associated Surgeons & Physicians LLC (Multiplan) Association Counsel for the Accused (Multiplan) Assured Benefits Administrators (Multiplan) Asuris Northwest Health (Multiplan) Atlanta Flooring Design Centers, Inc. (Multiplan) Attic Correctional Services Inc (Multiplan) Audisource, Inc. (Multiplan) Aultcare Corporation (Multiplan) Aultra Administrative Group (Multiplan) Autism Opportunities Foundation dba The Minnesota Autism Center (Multiplan) Auto Owners (Multiplan) Automated Benefit Services (Multiplan) Autumn Woods (Multiplan) Auxiant (Multiplan) Auxiant Employees (Multiplan) Auxiant Health Plan - Iowa (Multiplan) Avalon Health Care Consultants, LLC dba Avalon Plus (Multiplan) Avande, LLC (Multiplan) Avera Health Plan (Multiplan) Avid Ratings Inc (Multiplan) AvMed Health Plans (Multiplan) AXIS Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Ayden Healthcare (Multiplan) AZGA Service Canada Inc. dba Allianz Global Assistance (Multiplan) Azura Harbor Holdings LLC (Multiplan) Baber’s Inc. (Multiplan) Baber'S Check Now (Multiplan) Baden Sports, Inc. (Multiplan) Bader Rutter & Associates, Inc. (Multiplan) Badger Coaches Inc (Multiplan) Baker Benefits Administrators (Multiplan) Bakery & Confectionery Union & Industry International Health Benefits Fund (Multiplan) Baldwin Wallace University (Multiplan) Bank of the Pacific (Multiplan) Bankers Life and Casualty Company (Multiplan) Basil Castrovinci Associates, Inc (Multiplan) Bass Pro, Inc. (Multiplan) Battery Systems (Multiplan) Bay Bridge Administrators, LLC (Multiplan) BCI Administrators (Multiplan) BDG Benefits Design Group, Inc (Multiplan) Bed Davis Chevrolet Buick Pontiac Inc (Multiplan) Bellevue Christian School (Multiplan) Bellingham Cold Storage (Multiplan) Benefit & Risk Management Services (Multiplan) Benefit Administration Services Limited (Multiplan) Benefit Administrative Systems (Multiplan) Benefit Assistance Corporation (Multiplan) Benefit Bucks, Inc. (Multiplan) Benefit Management Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Benefit Management Systems, Inc (Multiplan) Benefit Management, Inc. aka Benefit Management Consultant (Multiplan) Benefit Plan Administrators of Eau Claire (Multiplan) Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Benefit Plan Management, Inc. (Multiplan) Benefit Plan Services (Multiplan) Benefit Services of PA (Multiplan) Benefit Support, Inc. (Multiplan) Benefitcial In Home Care Inc. (Multiplan) BEN-E-LECT (Multiplan) Benesys, Inc (Multiplan) BeniComp, Inc (Multiplan) Benmark Administrators, LLC (Multiplan) Berg Company,LLC (Multiplan) Bergen Community College (Multiplan) Bertch Cabinet Manufacturing, Inc. (Multiplan) Best Benefits CC (Multiplan) Best Life and Health Insurance Company (Multiplan) Bierman Aba Inc (Multiplan) Big 4 Erectors, LP (Multiplan) Bill Currie Ford (Multiplan) Bio Sentinel, Inc (Multiplan) Bioferm USA Inc (Multiplan) Blackstone Medical Services (Multiplan) Blessing Corporate Services (Multiplan) Bloodworks Northwest (Multiplan) Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network of Michigan (Multiplan) Blue Cross of Atlantic Canada (Multiplan) Blue Grace Logistics (Multiplan) Blue Ridge Tissue aka National Packagin (Multiplan) Blue Tree Network Inc (Multiplan) Blue Water Industries, LLC (Multiplan) BMGI (Multiplan) BMI Health Plans (Multiplan) Bob Evans Restaurants, LLC (Multiplan) Bock Water Heaters, Inc (Multiplan) Bogalusa School Board (Multiplan) Bollinger Student Business College Level (Multiplan) Bollinger, Inc (Multiplan) Boon Administrative Services, Inc., aka The Boon Group (Multiplan) Boon-Chapman Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) Boost Inc (Multiplan) Bountyland Enterprises Inc (Multiplan) Boxes and Bags (Multiplan) BR Brick & Stone, LP (Multiplan) Breg, Inc. (Multiplan) Bridgespan (Multiplan) Brighton Management LLC (Multiplan) Brimhall Foods (Multiplan) Broadreach Medical Resources, Inc (Multiplan) Broetje Orchards (Multiplan) Brokerage Concepts, Inc. (Multiplan) Brown & Haley (Multiplan) Brunswick Community College (Multiplan) Building Plastics, Inc (Multiplan) Bulk Transit Corporation (Multiplan) Burrows Millworks, Inc. (Multiplan) Button Transportation (Multiplan) Bywater, LTD (Multiplan) C & C Clean Team Enterprises, LLC (Multiplan) Cabinet Specialists, LLC (Multiplan) Calhan School District RJ-1 (Multiplan) Calvary Chapel Chattanooga, Inc. (Multiplan) Calvo’s Insurance Underwriters, Inc. (Multiplan) Calvo’s Select Care Healthplan (Multiplan) CAM Administrative Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Cambridge College (Multiplan) Cambridge Institute of International Education (Multiplan) Canadian Medical Network (Multiplan) Canadian Medical Network – Seven Corners (Multiplan) Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Multiplan) Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Cape Environmental Management Inc (Multiplan) Cape Resorts Management Company, Inc. (Multiplan) Capital City Renewables LLC (Multiplan) Capitol Administrators of the Southeast, LLC (Multiplan) Capitol Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Capstar Bank, Inc (Multiplan) Careatc M4088 (Multiplan) Carefactor Barrio Brothers (Multiplan) Carefactor City Brands (Multiplan) Carefactor Fortune-HR (Multiplan) Carefactor Gutridge (Multiplan) Carefactor Halliday Lumber (Multiplan) Carefactor Helmrel Farms (Multiplan) Carefactor Pettitbone Construction (Multiplan) Carefactor Proactive Safety Services (Multiplan) CareFirst of Maryland, Inc. dba Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield (Multiplan) Caregiver, Inc (Multiplan) CarePoint (Multiplan) Carioti Jewelers (Multiplan) Carl Black Auto Group (Multiplan) Carlamundi Dallas, Inc. (Multiplan) Carsons Inc (Multiplan) Carter Express, Inc. (Multiplan) Caryn Health Solutions, LLC (Multiplan) Cascade Asset Management (Multiplan) Cascade DAFO P (Multiplan) Cascade Windows Employee Benefit Plan (Multiplan) Cascadian M&D Fund LLC (Multiplan) Cass County Government (Multiplan) Cathedral Rock Management, LP by and on behalf of its entities (Multiplan) Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston (Multiplan) Catskill Area Schools Employee Benefit Plan (Multiplan) CBA-Serra Comm Medical Ctr Employees (Multiplan) CDA Casino and Resort (Multiplan) Ceenta (Multiplan) Celtic Insurance Company (Multiplan) Cement Masons & Plasterers Health & Welfare Trust (Multiplan) Center for Gynecoloty & Cosmetics (Multiplan) Center for Heart Health, LLC (Multiplan) Center for Media and Democracy (Multiplan) Centivo Health (Multiplan) Central Lincoln Public Utility District (Multiplan) Central Ohio Technical College (Multiplan) Central State University (Multiplan) Central States Southeast and Southwest Areas Health & Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Central United Life Insurance Company, Inc. (Multiplan) Century Healthcare (Multiplan) CerCo I, Inc. (Multiplan) Chadwell Supply,Inc (Multiplan) Change Healthcare Payer Payment Integrity, LLC fka TC3 Health, Inc (Multiplan) Channel Control FOX187 (Multiplan) Chapman Auto Group (Multiplan) Charles Zugerman MD LLC (Multiplan) Charter Construction (Multiplan) Chaz Limited LLC (Multiplan) Cheesman, LLC (Multiplan) Chinese Community Health Plan (Multiplan) Chizek Transport Inc (Multiplan) Christensen Inc (Multiplan) Christian Brothers Services (Multiplan) Christian Care Ministry aka Medi-Share, formerly AEA International (Multiplan) Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing (Multiplan) Church Communities (Multiplan) Cigna Healthcare (Multiplan) Circle S Enterprise (Multiplan) City Electric Supply Company (Multiplan) City Masonry, Inc. (Multiplan) City of Clinton (Multiplan) City of Everett (Multiplan) City of Fond Du Lac (Multiplan) City of Gautier (Multiplan) City of Kirkland (Multiplan) City of Midwest City (Multiplan) City of Puyallup (Multiplan) City of Renton (Multiplan) City of Renton Retirees (Multiplan) City of Tukwila (Multiplan) City of Turlock (Multiplan) Claim Management Services Inc (Multiplan) Claims & Benefit Management (Multiplan) Clarian Health Partners aka Senate Health Plan Solutions (Multiplan) Clark's Market, Inc. (Multiplan) Classic Cars (Multiplan) Classic Chevrolet, Inc. (Multiplan) Clawson & Staubes, LLC (Multiplan) Clear One Health Plans, Inc. (Multiplan) Clearwater Services (Multiplan) Cleopatra Resources LLC (Multiplan) Cletex Trucking, Inc. (Multiplan) Cleveland Lumber (Multiplan) Clewiston Nursing & Rehabilitation LLC (Multiplan) Client First Health Plans (Multiplan) Client First National, Inc (Multiplan) Clinch County Hospital Authority (Multiplan) Clinton's Ditch (Multiplan) CMC ICOS Biologies, Inc. (Multiplan) CMN – Europ Assistance (Multiplan) Coach-Net RV Motor Club, Inc. (Multiplan) Coastal Administrative Services dba CAS Benefit Plans (Multiplan) Coates Field Services (Multiplan) Coatings & Adhesives Corporation (Multiplan) CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness, Inc. (Multiplan) Coeur D’Alene Tribe and Resort (Multiplan) Coeur Plan Services, LLC (Multiplan) Coffee County Schools (Multiplan) Coffey Communications, Inc. (Multiplan) Cofinity Health Benefits (Multiplan) Colby College (Multiplan) Coleman Professional Services (Multiplan) Colibri Solutions (Multiplan) College of The Atlantic (Multiplan) Colorado Choice Health Plans dba San Luis Valley HMO (Multiplan) Colorado Contractors Trust (Multiplan) Colorado Hospitality Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Colorado Laborers Health & Welfare Trust Fund of CO (Multiplan) Colorado Northwestern (Multiplan) Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative (Multiplan) Colville Tribal Federal Corporation (Multiplan) Combined Insurance Company of America (Multiplan) Combined Life Insurance Company of New York (Multiplan) Comlux America, LLC (Multiplan) Commerce Benefits Group (Multiplan) Commercial Creamery (Multiplan) Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company (Multiplan) Common Ground (Multiplan) Community Food Co-op (Multiplan) Community Health Alliance (Multiplan) Community Health Center (Multiplan) Community Health of Central Washington (Multiplan) Community Newspapers, Inc. (Multiplan) Community Options, Inc. (Multiplan) CommunityCare HMO (Multiplan) Compass Rose Benefits Group (Multiplan) Competitive Health, Inc. and Access One Consumer Health, Inc. (Multiplan) Complete Benefit Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) Comprehensive Benefits (Multiplan) Comprehensive Benefits Administrator, Inc. (Multiplan) Comprehensive Care Services (Multiplan) Concept Packaging Group (Multiplan) Concierge Administrative Services, LLC aka Concierge Benefit Services (Multiplan) Concordia Care, Inc (Multiplan) Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde (Multiplan) Connecting Ties (Multiplan) Conron & Associates (Multiplan) Conseco Medical Insurance Company (Multiplan) Consociate, Inc. dba Consociate Health (Multiplan) Consolidated Association of Railroad Employees (Multiplan) Consolidated Benefits Resources (Multiplan) Consolidated Medical Practices of Memphis (Multiplan) Consolidated Medical Practices of Memphis, PLLC (Multiplan) Consolidated Restaurants (Multiplan) Consolidated Safety Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Construction Industry & Laborers Health & Welfare Trust (Multiplan) Construction Industry Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Consumer Choice Health Plan (Multiplan) Continental Benefits, LLC aka Marpai/Marpai Health (Multiplan) Contract Pharmacy Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Convergent Science Inc (Multiplan) Cooley Holdings, LTD (Multiplan) Cooperativa De Seguros De Vida De PR (Multiplan) Cooperative Managed Care Services, LLC (Multiplan) COPA HEALTH INC (Multiplan) CoreChoice, Inc. (Multiplan) CoreSource (Multiplan) Corliss Resources, Inc. (Multiplan) Cornerstone Administrators, fka Healthlink Management, LLC (Multiplan) Cornerstone Benefits Administrator, Inc. (Multiplan) Cornerstone Health Group (Multiplan) Cornerstone Preferred Resources (Multiplan) Corporate Benefits Service of America (Multiplan) Corporate Benefits Service, Inc (Multiplan) CorrectCare Integrated Health (Multiplan) CorTech (Multiplan) Corvallis Clinic (Multiplan) Cost of Wisconsin (Multiplan) Country Road Tire & Auto (Multiplan) Countryside Rentals, Inc. dba Rent 2 Own (Multiplan) County College of Morris (Multiplan) County Concrete Corporation (Multiplan) County of Carroll (Multiplan) County of Montgomery, Indiana (Multiplan) County of Riverside aka Exclusive Care (Multiplan) Couture Drapes Co. (Multiplan) Covenant Administrators (Multiplan) Covenant Christian School (Multiplan) Covenant Church (Multiplan) Coventry Healthcare Mg (Multiplan) Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe (Multiplan) Cox Healthplan (Multiplan) Cquensys (Multiplan) Creative Alternatives (Multiplan) Crest Foods (Multiplan) CrestPoint Health (Multiplan) Crestwood School District (Multiplan) CRM US Inc (Multiplan) Cross County School District (Multiplan) Crossroads Healthcare Management, LLC (Multiplan) Crown Bakeries, LLC (Multiplan) CRV USA Holdings Inc (Multiplan) Crystal Run Health Insurance Compnay, Inc (Multiplan) CSE Federal Credit Union (Multiplan) CTI Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) CTI Paper Group Inc (Multiplan) Current Health Solutions (Multiplan) Curtis C. Gunn, Inc. (Multiplan) Custom Design Benefits, LLC (Multiplan) Cypress Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) D C 1707 Health & Benefit Fund (Multiplan) D&S Machine Service (Multiplan) D.R. Homes, LLC (Multiplan) Daily Instruments (Multiplan) Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet (Multiplan) Dallas Retirement Village (Multiplan) Dan Freitas Electric (Multiplan) Dan Shipley, Architect LLC (Multiplan) Daniel H. Cook Associates aka CGS (Multiplan) Dari-Mart Inc (Multiplan) Datica Health Inc (Multiplan) David E Looper (Multiplan) Davidson Hotel Company, LLC (Multiplan) Days Chevrolet (Multiplan) DEDC, Inc. dba DOW Electronics (Multiplan) Delaware College of Art and Design (Multiplan) Delaware County Government (Multiplan) Delta Health Systems (Multiplan) Delta Industries, Inc. (Multiplan) Delta Marine Industries, Inc. (Multiplan) Democratic Party of WI (Multiplan) Denison University (Multiplan) Dennis' Seven Dees Landscaping Inc (Multiplan) Dermatology Associates (Multiplan) Desert De Oro Foods, Inc (Multiplan) Detego Health, LLC. (Multiplan) Deterling Company (Multiplan) Detex (Multiplan) Detroit Medical Center (Multiplan) DeWaard & Bode, Inc. (Multiplan) Dezki Inc (Multiplan) Diamond Hill SNF Operations LLC. (Multiplan) Diamondback Management Services, Ltd. (Multiplan) Dick Lavy Trucking, Inc. (Multiplan) Dickinson Group, LLC (Multiplan) Digestive Health Specialists (Multiplan) Dimmitt Automotive (Multiplan) Direct Healthcare, Inc. (Multiplan) Direct Mail Solutions, Inc. (Multiplan) Distillery Design Studio (Multiplan) Diversicare Management Services (Multiplan) Diversified Admin (Multiplan) DJ Aderson (Multiplan) DNASTAR Inc (Multiplan) Doctors’ Choice Administrators (Multiplan) Doggett Concrete (Multiplan) Dolye Electric Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Don Chalmers Ford (Multiplan) Donley & Company (Multiplan) Double Diamond Management Corp. (Multiplan) Dovedale Sales Corp (Multiplan) DT Carson Enterprises, Inc (Multiplan) Dufresne Spencer Group, LLC (Multiplan) Dunn & Association Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) Dunn Investment Company (Multiplan) Duval Motor Company (Multiplan) Dylan Consulting Services, LLC (Multiplan) E L Dellinger Orthodontics LLC (Multiplan) Eagle Pass ISD (Multiplan) Earnest Products, Inc. (Multiplan) East Oregonian Publishing Company (Multiplan) EBC (Multiplan) EBC Hillsboro Area Hospital (Multiplan) EBIX Health Administration Exchange, Inc. (Multiplan) EBSO, Inc. (Multiplan) ECOM Atlantic, Inc. (Multiplan) ECOM New Era (Multiplan) Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County (Multiplan) Ed Martin Automitive Group (Multiplan) Edaleen Dairy Products (Multiplan) Eddy Packing Co. Inc. (Multiplan) Edge One, Inc (Multiplan) Edison Health Solutions, LLC, fka ResourceOne Administrators, Inc. and Integrity Benefit Network (Multiplan) Edison School District 54JT (Multiplan) Edmonson Electric, Inc. (Multiplan) Educators Mutual Insurance Association (Multiplan) EduServe (Multiplan) El Dorado Motors, Inc. (Multiplan) El Paso First Health Plans, Inc. dba Preferred Administrators (Multiplan) ELAN Insurance USVI (Multiplan) ELAP Services, LLC (Multiplan) Electric Mirror, Inc. (Multiplan) Electricians Health and Welfare, Local 995 (Multiplan) Electronic Environments Co. LLC (Multiplan) Elyria Foundry Company, LLC (Multiplan) EMI Industries, LLC (Multiplan) Empire Lumber Company (Multiplan) Employee Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) Employee Benefit Concepts, Inc (Multiplan) Employee Benefit Management Services (Multiplan) Employee Benefit Professional Administration, Inc. (Multiplan) Employee Benefit Services of San Antonio (Multiplan) Employee Benefit Solutions, LLC (Multiplan) Employee Benefit Systems (Multiplan) Employee Benefits Administration & Management Corporation (Multiplan) Employee Security, Inc (Multiplan) Employer Driven Insurance Services (Multiplan) Employers Resource Management (Multiplan) Encore Commerical Inc (Multiplan) Endo-Therapeutics, Inc. (Multiplan) Energy Transportation LLC (Multiplan) EnergySolutions, LLC (Multiplan) Ennis, Inc. (Multiplan) Enstrom Candies (Multiplan) ENT Specialist (Multiplan) Entrust (Multiplan) Epic (Multiplan) Epic Administrators (Multiplan) Equian (Multiplan) Equitable Plan Services, Inc (Multiplan) Essex County College (Multiplan) Eutectic Corporation (Multiplan) Evergreen Healthcare Partners Inc (Multiplan) Evolent Health, LLC fka Evolent health, Inc (Multiplan) Evolutions Healthcare Systems, Inc (Multiplan) Evry Healthcare, Inc (Multiplan) ExamWorks (Multiplan) Exceedent LLC (Multiplan) Excellis Health Solutions (Multiplan) Excellis Health Solutions, LLC (Multiplan) Excellus Health Plans (Multiplan) Executive Staffing Plus Inc (Multiplan) Exemplar Health Benefits Administrator, LLC (Multiplan) Express Services Inc (Multiplan) Exxel Pacific Inc (Multiplan) E-Z Mart Stores, Inc. (Multiplan) Fair Haven Home Inc. (Multiplan) Fairbanks North Star Borough (Multiplan) Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (Multiplan) Fairmount Country Club (Multiplan) Fallon Community Health Plan (Multiplan) Family Thrift Center (Multiplan) Family Thrift Store, Inc. (Multiplan) Faneuil, Inc. (Multiplan) FCE Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) Federal Assist, Inc. (Multiplan) Fellers (Multiplan) Fenix Parts, Inc (Multiplan) Fiber Network Services, Inc (Multiplan) Field 59 Inc (Multiplan) Filament Marketing LLC (Multiplan) Fine Point Consulting LLC (Multiplan) Fine Swine LLC (Multiplan) First Administrators Inc (Multiplan) First Allmerica Financial Life (Multiplan) First Choice Health Network, Inc. (Multiplan) First Health (Multiplan) First Medical Health Plan, Inc (Multiplan) First Option Mortgage (Multiplan) First Option Mortgage, LLC (Multiplan) First Rate, Inc. (Multiplan) First Sales (Multiplan) FirstCarolinaCare Insurance Company (Multiplan) Fisher Printing, Inc. (Multiplan) Fisk University (Multiplan) FivePoint Federal Credit Union (Multiplan) FlagStaffers (Multiplan) Floral Home Agency (Multiplan) Flowers, Inc (Multiplan) Focus Health Solutions (Multiplan) Focus Healthcare Management (Multiplan) Foresight TPA (Multiplan) Forest County Potawatomi Community and its affiliated plans (Multiplan) Formost Fuji (Multiplan) Founder 3 Management Company (Multiplan) Free Market Administrators (Multiplan) Fresh Consulting (Multiplan) Friends of Youth (Multiplan) Fringe Benefit Group, inc fka Employer Plan Services, Inc (Multiplan) Frisch's Restaurants Inc (Multiplan) Frontier Door & Cabinet (Multiplan) Frontier International (Multiplan) Frontier Transport LLC (Multiplan) FrontPath Health Coalition (Multiplan) Frost Management Company, Inc. (Multiplan) Future Retirement, Inc (Multiplan) G5 Search Marketing, Inc (Multiplan) GAB/ITS (Multiplan) Galindo & Boyd (Multiplan) Geisinger Health Plan (Multiplan) Geisinger Quality Options, Inc. (Multiplan) Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments LLC (Multiplan) Geo Design Inc (Multiplan) Geras dba Family Resource Home Care (Multiplan) Getman (Multiplan) Gettel Automotive, Inc (Multiplan) GHI – NY Bridge Plan (Multiplan) Gibbons, Hughes and Associates, LLC dba GH Wellness (Multiplan) Gilsbar, Inc (Multiplan) Glendale Baptist Church (Multiplan) Global Assurance Group (Multiplan) Global Excel Management, Inc. (Multiplan) Global Exchange, Inc. (Multiplan) Global Health Claim Services, Inc (Multiplan) Global Risk Consultants Corp. (Multiplan) GM Southwest (Multiplan) GMMI (Multiplan) GMS Mine Repair and Maintenance, Inc. (Multiplan) GMT Corporation (Multiplan) Gold Coast Eagle Distributing (Multiplan)
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