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Golden Rule Insurance Company (Multiplan) Golden Trail Advisers (Multiplan) Golden Valley Health Centers (Multiplan) Good Karma (Multiplan) Good Samaritan Home (Premier Healthcare Exchange , Insurance (Multiplan) Design Administrators TPA) (Multiplan) Goodwill Industries (Multiplan) Goodwill Industries of Delaware & Delaware County, Inc. (Multiplan) Goodwill Industries of SC WI (Multiplan) Gossett Motor Cars, Inc (Multiplan) Grace Family Church of North Tampa, Inc. (Multiplan) Grand Trunk Corporation (Multiplan) Grand Wayne Center (Multiplan) Grant County (Multiplan) Graphic Arts Benefit Corporation (Multiplan) Gravie Administrative Services, LLC (Multiplan) Great American Financial (Multiplan) Greater St Louis Laborers Health Fund (Multiplan) Green Commercial Cleaning (Multiplan) Green Investment, LLC (Multiplan) Green Mountain Dom & Intl (Multiplan) Gregory-Portland Independent School District (Multiplan) Group Administrators (Multiplan) Group Benefit Services, LLC (Multiplan) Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire (Multiplan) Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (Multiplan) Group Health Program of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association and its Members (Multiplan) Group Insurance Service Center, Inc (Multiplan) Group Resources, Inc. (Multiplan) Guardian Life of the Caribbean (Multiplan) Gulf Coast Pre-Stress Inc (Multiplan) Gunnison County (Multiplan) Gustave A. Larson Company (Multiplan) Gutridge MVP (Multiplan) GWH Consulting, LLC (Multiplan) HAA Preferred Partners, LLC (Multiplan) HAA-AXA (Multiplan) Haas Outdoors dba Mossy Oak (Multiplan) Hagerstown Teamsters and Motor Carriers Health and Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Halff Associates, Inc. (Multiplan) Hamblem County Board of Education (Multiplan) Hanging Out (Multiplan) Hansen Construction, Inc. (Multiplan) Harbor Industries, Inc. (Multiplan) Harbor Wholesale Grocery (Multiplan) Harder Corp (Multiplan) Harmanson Company (Multiplan) Harrington Health (Multiplan) Harrison County (Multiplan) Harrison Electrical Workers Trust Fund (Multiplan) Hartford (Multiplan) Hattiesburg Clinic (Multiplan) Hawaii Mainland Administrators aka HMA TPA (Multiplan) Tulalip Tribes of Washington (Multiplan) Tullcok Management Company (Multiplan) TUV SUD America, Inc. (Multiplan) Twinstar Credit Union (Multiplan) UA Local 198 Health & Welfare Pension (Multiplan) UCHealth Plan Administrators (Multiplan) UFCW Local 711 and Retail Food Employers Benefit Fund (Multiplan) UltraBenefits, Inc. (Multiplan) UMR (Multiplan) Underwriters Safety & Claims, Inc (Multiplan) Unicare L & H Insurance Company (Multiplan) Unified Group Services (Multiplan) Unified Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) Unify Healthcare Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) Union Administrator (Multiplan) Union College (Multiplan) Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health Systems (Multiplan) Union Service Industries, Inc. (Multiplan) UNITE HERE HEALTH, fka Alaska HERE Health & Welfare Trust (Multiplan) United American Insurance Company through Competitive Health, Inc (Multiplan) United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America Local 953 Health and Welfare Plan (Multiplan) United Employees Health Plans (Multiplan) United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1245 (Multiplan) United Group Programs, Inc. (Multiplan) United Health Plus Administrators (Multiplan) United Health Programs of America (Multiplan) United Health Share Ministries (Multiplan) United HealthCare (Multiplan) United Healthcare International, fka Hygeia Corporation (Multiplan) United Healthcare StudentResources, fka Student Insurance a Division of UICI (Multiplan) United Heritage Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) United International Brotherhood of all Trades Technologies Services (Multiplan) United Labor Benefits (Multiplan) United Security Life and Health Insurance Company of Illinois (Multiplan) United Travel (Multiplan) Unity College (Multiplan) Universal Assistance, Inc. (Multiplan) Universal Fidelity Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) Universal Health Share (Multiplan) The Sweetest Day (Multiplan) Therapy 2000 (Multiplan) Therapy 2000, Inc (Multiplan) Therma-Stor LLC (Multiplan) Thermon Inc. (Multiplan) Thomas College (Multiplan) Thomas Steel Strip Corporation (Multiplan) Three Rivers Benefit Corp (Multiplan) Three Rivers Provider Network, Inc. and Devon Health Inc (Multiplan) Threshold Enterprises, Ltd (Multiplan) Thrift Group (Multiplan) Tibbetts Lumber Co. LLC (Multiplan) TideWater Fleet Supply (Multiplan) Tifton Health and Rehabilitation (Multiplan) Titus Will Automotive Groups (Multiplan) TJT Enterprises, LLC (Multiplan) TLC Advantage (Multiplan) TLC Company, Inc. dba TLC Plumbing & Utility (Multiplan) TM Claims Services, Inc. dba Tokio Marine Nichido (Multiplan) TMA Inc (Multiplan) TMD Management, LLC (Multiplan) TNM Corporation dba Magnolia Gardens Nursery (Multiplan) TNT Fleet Suppy dba Tidewater Fleet Supply (Multiplan) Tokio Marine HCC Stop Loss Group fka HCC Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) Topa Benefits Plan (Multiplan) Total Healthcare USA, Inc. (Multiplan) Total Plan Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Touchstone Behavioral Health (Multiplan) Tower Industries, Inc. (Multiplan) Town of Albion (Multiplan) Townes (Multiplan) Townes Telecommunications, Inc. (Multiplan) Toysmith (Multiplan) TPM Administrators (Multiplan) Tradebe Environmental Services, Inc (Multiplan) Trafficcast International Inc (Multiplan) Trans-Bridge Lines, Inc. (Multiplan) Trans-System, Inc. (Multiplan) Transwestern Insurance Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) Tri North Builders (Multiplan) Triada Black Hawk (Multiplan) Triple S Steel Holdings, Inc. (Multiplan) Tristar Benefit Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Triton Health System dba Viva Health, Inc. (Multiplan) Triveris LLC dba SeeChange Health (Multiplan) Tru Blue TPA, LLC (Multiplan) True Health New Mexico (Multiplan) Truluck’s Restaurant Group, LTD (Multiplan) Trusteed Plans Service Corp (Multiplan) Trustmark Insurance Company (Multiplan) Truusight, LLC (Multiplan) Synergid Inc (Multiplan) T L Groseclose Associates, Inc (Multiplan) Take Care (Multiplan) Tall Tree Administrators, LLC and Managed Care Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Tangram, Inc. (Multiplan) Taro Health, Inc (Multiplan) Taylor Express Inc (Multiplan) Taylor Logistics, Inc (Multiplan) Taylor United (Multiplan) TCC Benefit Administrator, fka Thomas Cooper & Company, Inc. dba TCC of South Carolina (Multiplan) Teachers Protective Mutual Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) Team Rahal of Mechanicsburg, Inc. (Multiplan) Team Select Holdings, LLC (Multiplan) Teamsters 435 (Multiplan) Techserv Consulting & Training, LTD (Multiplan) TEK-FINS (Multiplan) Teletech Corporation (Multiplan) Temp Masters Inc (Multiplan) Temple Furniture (Multiplan) Terrabonne Parish (Multiplan) Tervist, LLC (Multiplan) Texas Disposal Systems, Inc. (Multiplan) Texas Plan Administrators (Multiplan) Texas Regional Medical Center, Ltd. dba Texas Regional Medical Center at Sunnyvale (Multiplan) Tex-Trude, LP (Multiplan) The Assurance Group Inc (Multiplan) The Bair Foundation (Multiplan) The Baker Group (Multiplan) The Benefit Group (Multiplan) The Blain Companies (Multiplan) The Children’s Clinic (Multiplan) The Confederated Tribes of The Warm Spr (Multiplan) The Container Store, Inc. (Multiplan) The G.W. Van Keppel Company (Multiplan) The Hanover Insurance Group (Multiplan) The Hawthorn Group, Inc. (Multiplan) The Health Plan of Upper Ohio Valley (Multiplan) The Higdon Group, Inc. (Multiplan) The Klamath Tribes (Multiplan) The Lake County Indiana NECA-IBEW Health and Benefit Plan (Multiplan) The Legal Connection (Multiplan) The Model Group, Inc. (Multiplan) The Nason Company (Multiplan) The Neenan Company LLLP (Multiplan) The Nett Group (Multiplan) The Oregon Clinic (Multiplan) The Pathway School (Multiplan) The Paysage Group, LLC (Multiplan) The Phone Guy (Multiplan) The Pictsweet Company (Multiplan) The Portland Clinic (Multiplan) The Retzer Group, Inc (Multiplan) The Segio Corporation dba First Respons (Multiplan) Hawaii-Western Management Group, Inc. , fka Hawaii Management Alliance Association (Multiplan) HCCMIS (Multiplan) HCOS Group, LLC (Multiplan) Health Administration Services, Inc (Multiplan) Health Alliance Medical Plans (Multiplan) Health Alliance Plan (Multiplan) Health Care Administrators (Multiplan) Health Care Plan of South Dakota Medical Association (Multiplan) Health Choice of America, Inc (Multiplan) Health Claims Solutions (Multiplan) Health Cost Solutions (Multiplan) Health Discount Systems, Inc (Multiplan) Health InfoNet (Multiplan) Health Innovation Technologies (Multiplan) Health Net, LLC fka HealthNet, Inc (Multiplan) Health New England (Multiplan) Health One Alliance LLC, dba Alliant Health Plans (Multiplan) Health Plan Intermediaries, LLC dba Health Insurance Innovations (Multiplan) Health Plans, Inc (Multiplan) Health Special Risk (Multiplan) Health Systems Technology (Multiplan) Health Tradition (Multiplan) Health West, LLC (Multiplan) Healthcare Highways, LLC (Multiplan) Healthcare Management Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) Healthcare Resources Group (Multiplan) Healthcare Solutions Group, Inc (Multiplan) HealthCase, LLC fka Travel Care Services (Multiplan) HealthComp, LLC fka HealthComp dba HealthComp Administrators (Multiplan) HealthEZ (Multiplan) Healthfinch, Inc (Multiplan) HealthFirst (Multiplan) Healthfirst – TriSurant (Multiplan) Healthgrades (Multiplan) Healthgram fka Primary PhysicianCare (Multiplan) HealthLink (Multiplan) HealthMarkets, Inc., Small Group Division (Multiplan) HealthPartners (Multiplan) HealthPoint (Multiplan) HealthSCOPE Benefits, Inc. dba HealthSCOPE Benefits, Inc., The Plan Handlers, Inc., and Edward B. Morris Associates, Inc. (Multiplan) HealthSmart Benefit Solutions, Inc. (Multiplan) HealthSmart Preferred Care II, LP and affiliates (Multiplan) Healthsource New Hampshire, Inc (Multiplan) HealthTrans, LLC dba Imerica or Innovate Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) Healthy Advantage fka Client First National, Inc. (Multiplan) Heart City Health Center (Multiplan) Heart of CarDon, LLC (Multiplan) Heartland Farms Inc (Multiplan) Heavy & General Laborers Funds of NJ (Multiplan) Heavy Machines, Inc. (Multiplan) Hendry Marine Industries, Inc. (Multiplan) Henry Farms, LLC (Multiplan) Heritage Assets, LLC (Multiplan) Heritage Consultants (Multiplan) Heritage Management Services (Multiplan) Heritage University (Multiplan) Hewes Marine (Multiplan) HHC Group (Multiplan) Hickory Foods, Inc. (Multiplan) Hickory Sheet Metal (Multiplan) Higher Ground Education (Multiplan) Highmark Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) Hill & Wilkinson Construction Group Limited dba Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors (Multiplan) HiLLCraft Of Wisconsin, LLC (Multiplan) Hilmar Cheese (Multiplan) Hi-Lo Industries Inc (Multiplan) HMA (Multiplan) HMA, LLC (Multiplan) HMS Preferred Health Choices, Inc. (Multiplan) Hodge Foundry Company, LLC (Multiplan) Hogan Manufacturing (Multiplan) Hollow Metal Trust Fund (Multiplan) Homesteader Trailer Co (Multiplan) Hometown Health Plan, Inc. and Hometown Health Providers Insurance Company, Inc., dba OneHealth (Multiplan) Homz Management Corporation (Multiplan) Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. dba Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Multiplan) Horne LLP (Multiplan) Horner Electric, Inc. (Multiplan) Hospital Benefits, Inc. of Florida (Multiplan) Howell Instruments (Multiplan) HPHG, LLC dba Caprock HealthPlans (Multiplan) HR Spinner Corporation (Multiplan) HSC (Multiplan) HTH Worldwide (Multiplan) Hubbard & Drake General-Mechanical Contractors, Inc (Multiplan) Hudson Aquatic Systems (Multiplan) Hulsing Enterprises LLC (Multiplan) Human Resource Benefit Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Humana, Inc (Multiplan) Humana/Employers Health Insurance (Multiplan) Hunt Forest Products (Multiplan) Hunt Memorial (Multiplan) I Rich Korea Company Limited (Multiplan) IAB/Healthcorp International (Multiplan) Ian's Pizza - Denver (Multiplan) Ian's Pizza On the Hill (Multiplan) Ibeelow's Steakhouse (Multiplan) ICC (Multiplan) ICC International (Multiplan) ICHIA (Multiplan) Icon Information Consultants LP (Multiplan) Idaho Central Credit Union (Multiplan) IE Shaffer (Multiplan) IHC Health Plans, Inc. (Multiplan) Iidon, Inc. (Multiplan) IL Properties, LLC (Multiplan) Illume Advising (Multiplan) illumifin Corporation (Multiplan) IMA, Inc. aka Insurance Management Administrators (Multiplan) Imagine Health, Inc (Multiplan) Imagine360 Services LLC (Multiplan) IMCS/International Managed Care Services (Multiplan) Impact RTO Holdings, LLC (Multiplan) Impartner (Multiplan) Imperial Lighting (Multiplan) Incommons Bank (Multiplan) Indecs Corporation (Multiplan) Independence American Insurance Company (Multiplan) Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York (Multiplan) Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc (Multiplan) Independent Foods, LLC (Multiplan) Independent Health Association, Inc. (Multiplan) Independent Providers Consulting Assoc. (Multiplan) Indiana Health Network (Multiplan) Indiana Phoenix Inc (Multiplan) Indiana State Council of Roofers Health and Welfare Fund of Iowa-Illinois-Indiana-Kentucky-Missouri-Ohio-West Virginia (Multiplan) Industrial Marketing (Multiplan) InforMed, LLC (Multiplan) InHealth (Multiplan) Innovairre Holding Company, LLC (Multiplan) Innovate Reinsurance Group (Multiplan) Innovative Healthware Services, Inc. dba ClaimsBridge (Multiplan) InnVentures IVI, LLC (Multiplan) Inova Care, LLC (Multiplan) Insurance & Risk Management (Multiplan) Insurance Administrator of America (Multiplan) Insurance Design Administrators (Multiplan) Insurance Management Services (Multiplan) Insurance Programmers (Multiplan) Insurance Services, LLC (Multiplan) InsuranceTPA STM (Multiplan), Inc (Multiplan) Insurex Holdings, Inc. (Multiplan) Integra Administrative Group (Multiplan) Integra Employer Health, LLC dba Maestro Health (Multiplan) Inter Valley Health Plan (Multiplan) Inter-Americas Insurance Corporation, Inc. (Multiplan) Intermountain United Food & Commercial Workers and Food Industry Health Fund (Multiplan) International Benefit Administrators LLC (Multiplan) International Community Health Services (Multiplan) International Educational Exchange Services (Multiplan) International Medical Group (Multiplan) International Medical Services (Multiplan) Interpath Laboratory, Inc. (Multiplan) Interplex Industries, Inc. (Multiplan) Interstate Packaging Company (Multiplan) IntraCorp (Multiplan) Intrepid U.S.A., Inc. (Multiplan) InVentiv Medical Management, LLC (Multiplan) Investco Financial Corp. (Multiplan) IPMG EBS (Multiplan) iQ Credit Union (Multiplan) Iron Workers H&W Trust Fund for CO (Multiplan) Ironworkers Intermountain Health & Welfare Trust (Multiplan) Island Group Administration (Multiplan) ISM-Michigan Lutheran High School (Multiplan) Isonova Technologies (Multiplan) ITI Indiana LLC (Multiplan) ITT Hartford Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) IU Medical Group P Care (Multiplan) IUOE Local 25 Marine Division Medical Plan (Multiplan) Ivar’s Inc. (Multiplan) Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana (Multiplan) J & S Foreign Car Repair (Multiplan) J Smith Lanier and Company Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) J Squared Inc. dba University Loft Company (Multiplan) J T S Enterprises of Tampa, LTD dba Caspers Company (Multiplan) J.F. Ahern Co. (Multiplan) J.P. Madson, Inc dba Great Clips (Multiplan) Jackson Academy (Multiplan) Jacky Jones Automotive, Inc (Multiplan) Jaeckle Wholesale Inc (Multiplan) James Baker Group (Multiplan) James King & Company, Inc. (Multiplan) James Madison University (Multiplan) Jarvis Company, Inc. (Multiplan) Jas D Collier and Co (Multiplan) Jaynes Companies (Multiplan) Jeff D'Ambrosio Auto Group (Multiplan) Jeffrey T. Ward & Associates (Multiplan) Jerry Willkomm, Inc. (Multiplan) JI Companies (Multiplan) JLS Family Enterprises, LLC (Multiplan) JM Test Systems, Inc. (Multiplan) JN Savasta Corp (Multiplan) John Eagle Dealerships (Multiplan) John L. Scott Real Estate (Multiplan) Johns Hopkins HealthCare, LLC (Multiplan) Johnson Health Tech (Multiplan) Journey Mental Health Center - Non Union (Multiplan) JP Farley Corporation (Multiplan) JP Hart Lumber Company (Multiplan) JP, Inc. dba Jasper Plastics Solutions (Multiplan) JRT Mechanical Inc (Multiplan) JSA P5 Utah, LLC (Multiplan) JSL Administrators (Multiplan) Kaiser Foundation (Multiplan) Kaiser Foundaton Health Plan of Washington, fka Group Health Cooperative (Multiplan) Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company (Multiplan) Keidel Supply Company (Multiplan) Keith Zars Pools, LTD (Multiplan) Kelly Dean King (Multiplan) Kendall College (Multiplan) Kendall Health Plan (Multiplan) Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology, Inc. (Multiplan) Kentucky Health Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Kenyon College (Multiplan) Keppel AmFELS, Inc. (Multiplan) Key Exteriors (Multiplan) Key Health Plans (Multiplan) Key Partners, Inc. (Multiplan) Keylink Solutions, LLC, dba Virtual Benefits Administrator (Multiplan) Keystone Consulting Inc (Multiplan) King Limousine Transportation Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Kittitas Valley Healthcare (Multiplan) KKW Trucking, Inc (Multiplan) Klais & Company, Inc (Multiplan) KMA Sunbelt Trading Corporation dga International Diamond Center (Multiplan) Kruse & Associates (Multiplan) Kuhnle Brothers, Inc. (Multiplan) Kustom Blending LLC (Multiplan) KWPH Enterprises dba American Ambulance (Multiplan) L&N Truck Services (Multiplan) LA & MS Carpenters Regulatory Council Health and Welfare (Multiplan) La Frontera, Inc. (Multiplan) Labette Community College (Multiplan) Lagrange College (Multiplan) Lake Chelan Community Hospital (Multiplan) Lakeside Industries, Inc. (Multiplan) Land View, Inc. (Multiplan) Landmark College (Multiplan) Landmark Healthplan of California, Inc (Multiplan) Larry Dimmitt Cadillac, Inc. (Multiplan) Lasting Change (Multiplan) Lawrence E Smith & Assoc, Inc (Multiplan) LCM Investment Holding II, LLC (Multiplan) Leading Edge Administrators, Inc. fka Omni Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Lease Crutcher Lewis (Multiplan) Leclerc Foods USA, Inc. (Multiplan) Leitner-Poma of America, Inc. (Multiplan) Lenoir Community College (Multiplan) Lensing Wholesale, Inc. (Multiplan) LHS Sub, Inc. (Multiplan) Life Benefit Plan (Multiplan) Lifetime Benefit Solutions, Inc. fka EBS-RMSCO (Multiplan) LifeWise (Multiplan) Lincoln Educational Services (Multiplan) Lionstone Care, LLC (Multiplan) Local 108 Health Fund (Multiplan) Local 1199 National Benefit Fund (Multiplan) Local 147 Construction Workers Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Local 1964 ILA Health and Insurance Fund (Multiplan) Local 338 Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Local 463 Health Fund (Multiplan) Local 475 Steamfitters Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Local 6559 (Multiplan) Local 723 I B T Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Local 734 L I U of N A (Multiplan) Local 8 Roofers Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Lochmead Dairy Inc. (Multiplan) Lochmead Dari-Mart Inc. (Multiplan) Lochmead Farms Inc. (Multiplan) Lockard & Williams Insurance Services, Inc (Multiplan) Long Term Care Group, Inc. dba LTCG (Multiplan) Longview Bridge & Road, Ltd. (Multiplan) Loomis Companies (Multiplan) Lower Elwah Klallum Tribe (Multiplan) Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe (Multiplan) Lubbock County Hospital District dba UMC Health Plan Operations (Multiplan) Lucent Health Solutions, LLC (Multiplan) Lummi Indian Business Council (Multiplan) Lung Cancer Research Foundation (Multiplan) Lutheran Services Florida (Multiplan) Lyncpay, LLC (Multiplan) M & D Automotive DBA Maus Nissan Family Automotive (Multiplan) M Healthcare Solutions, LLC (Multiplan) M&J Transport Lines (Multiplan) M. Lipsitz & Company (Multiplan) Mack Energy Corporation (Multiplan) MacroHealth (Multiplan) Mad City Sales Inc (Multiplan) Madison Gas & Elec (Multiplan) Magbee Contractors Supply Benefits and Welfare Plan (Multiplan) Magellan Health, Inc. (Multiplan) Magic Metals (Multiplan) Magic Tilt Trailers, Inc (Multiplan) MagnaCare (Multiplan) Mahls Medical Review (Multiplan) Maine College of Art (Multiplan) Maine Maritime College (Multiplan) Majik Enterprises International, Inc. (Multiplan) Major American Marketing International, Inc (Multiplan) Makina Benefits, LLC (Multiplan) Malco Theatres, Inc (Multiplan) Managed Health, Inc. (Multiplan) Mapfre (Multiplan) Maps Credit Union (Multiplan) Marana Health Center, Inc. (Multiplan) Marco Display Specialist, LP dba The Marco Company (Multiplan) Mariana Jacobson Homes (Multiplan) Marietta College (Multiplan) MarineMax Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Maritime Health Services Van Hall Health (Multiplan) Marsh and McLennan Agency, LLC (Multiplan) Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation (Multiplan) Mason General Hospital (Multiplan) Masters Building Solutions Inc (Multiplan) Masters Mates & Pilots (Multiplan) Matlock's Used Cars and Parts (Multiplan) Maverick Coiunty (Multiplan) Maxon Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) Maxon Company (Multiplan) Mayo Clinic Health Solutions (Multiplan) Mayo Sierra Peaks/Marpac (Multiplan) Mays Housecall Home Health, Inc. (Multiplan) Mays Meats, Inc. (Multiplan) MBA Benefit Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) MCA Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) McClure Benefit Administrators dba MBA TPA/TPA Exchange (Multiplan) McDaniel Food Management, Inc (Multiplan) McKenzie Tank Lines (Multiplan) McLarens Toplis North America, Inc. (Multiplan) MCM Maxcare PPO (Multiplan) MCT Credit Union (Multiplan) MD Select (Multiplan) Mdabroad (Multiplan) MEBA Benefit Plans (Multiplan) Med Tac (Multiplan) Medica Health Plans of Wisconsin, Medica Health Plans, and Medica Insurance Company (Multiplan) Medical Advocacy Services for Healthcare, Inc. (Multiplan) Medical Associates Health Plan, Inc. (Multiplan) Medical Benefits Companies (Multiplan) Medical Card System, Inc (Multiplan) Medical Claims Negotiations LLC dba GMR Health LLC (Multiplan) Medical College of Wisconsin (Multiplan) Medical Excellence International, LLC (Multiplan) Medical Mutual of Ohio (Multiplan) Medical Services International ACCOR (Multiplan) Medicus (Multiplan) Medipac Assistance International, Inc. (Multiplan) Medova Healthcare Financial Group (Multiplan) MedPartners Administrative Services (Multiplan) MedSol, Inc (Multiplan) MedWatch, LLC (Multiplan) MEMCO, Inc. (Multiplan) Memorial Hermann Health Network (Multiplan) Mennonite Mutual Aid Association and MMA Insurance Company (Multiplan) Menominee Tribe of WI (Multiplan) Menzel Enterprises (Multiplan) Mercer County Community (Multiplan) Mercy Health Springfield Communities dba Mercy Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) Meridian Fence & Security LP (Multiplan) Meridian Group Inc (Multiplan) Meridian Health Plan of Michigan, Inc. (Multiplan) Meritain Health, Inc. (Multiplan) Merite aka MCMC (Multiplan) Merrick Industries Inc (Multiplan) MESA Products Inc (Multiplan) Methodist Care, Inc. (Multiplan) Methodist Retirement Communities (Multiplan) Methodist University (Multiplan) Meuth Construction Supply, Inc. (Multiplan) MHP, Inc (Multiplan) Miami County Government (Multiplan) Miami Industrial Trucks (Multiplan) Miami Yoder School District JT-60 (Multiplan) Michelsen Packaging Company (Multiplan) MicroMeti Corporation (Multiplan) Mid America Associates (Multiplan) Midlands Choice, Inc (Multiplan) Mid-West Family Broadcasting (Multiplan) Midwest Industrial Metal Fabrication In (Multiplan) Midwest Patrol & Investigative (Multiplan) Midwestern Bio AG Inc (Multiplan) Mignone Communciations Inc (Multiplan) Milio's (Multiplan) Miller Transportation Inc. (Multiplan) Minact Inc (Multiplan) Mission Health Communities (Multiplan) Mississippi College (Multiplan) Mitch's Body Shop LLC (Multiplan) MMSD (Multiplan) Mobility SVM LLC (Multiplan) Modern Transportation Services LLC (Multiplan) Molded Fiberglass Companies (Multiplan) Momar Inc (Multiplan) Monmouth College (Multiplan) Monning Industries (Multiplan) Montana Retail Store employees Health & Welfare Trust (Multiplan) Monterey Mushrooms, Inc (Multiplan) Moody Bible Institute (Multiplan) Moody International (Multiplan) Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele (Multiplan) Morgan Creek Capital (Multiplan) Morgan-White Administrators International, Inc. (Multiplan) Moridge Manufacturing Inc (Multiplan) Morton General Hospital (Multiplan) Moses Lake Community Health Center (Multiplan) Mother Frances Regional Healthcare (Multiplan) Motor Trucks, Inc. (Multiplan) Mount Vernon Hills (Multiplan) Mountain State Auto Auction, Inc. (Multiplan) Mountain State Health Alliance (Multiplan) Moxe Health Corporation (Multiplan) MS Administrative Services (Multiplan) MS Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center (Multiplan) MSD of Mt. Vernon (Multiplan) Mud Bay, Inc. (Multiplan) Murphy Company (Multiplan) Murphy Oil Corporation (Multiplan) Mutual Assurance Administrators (Multiplan) Mutual Health Services LLC, fka Benefit Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Mutual Medical Plans (Multiplan) Mutual of America (Multiplan) Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company (Multiplan) Mutual of Omaha (Multiplan) MV Transportation (Multiplan) MVP Health Plan (Multiplan) N IL Health Plan / Aqua Aerobics (Multiplan) N IL Health Plan / Etnyre International LTD (Multiplan) N IL Health Plan / Franklin Display GR (Multiplan) N IL Health Plan / Gleason Cuttin (Multiplan) N IL HEALTH PLAN/AQUA AEROBICS (Multiplan) Name Brands (Multiplan) NAPA Transportation, Inc. (Multiplan) Nashville Tempered Glass Corporation (Multiplan) National Accident Insurance Underwriters (Multiplan) National Association of Letter Carriers (Multiplan) National Benefit Builders, Inc. and Access One Consumer Health, Inc (Multiplan) National Benefit Resources, Inc. (Multiplan) National Benefits Associates, LLC, fka Benetech, Inc. (Multiplan) National Capitol PPO (Multiplan) National Care Network (Multiplan) National Christian Healthshare Management Group, Inc (Multiplan) National Council of Juvenile and Family (Multiplan) National Credit Systems Inc (Multiplan) National Frozen Foods (Multiplan) National General Management Corp (Multiplan) National Health Benefits Corporation (Multiplan) National Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (Multiplan) National Quarry Services (Multiplan) National Wholesale Supply, Inc. (Multiplan) Naviant Inc (Multiplan) Navy Army (Multiplan) NCI Ventures LLC (Multiplan) NEA Edison (Multiplan) NES Assurance, LLC (Multiplan) NESCO Enterprises dba Meridian Products (Multiplan) Networks by Design (Multiplan) New American Employee Leasing Company (Multiplan) New Balance Athletics, Inc (Multiplan) New Benefits, Ltd (Multiplan) New England Automobile Dealer Services, Inc. (Multiplan) New England College (Multiplan) New Era Life Insurance Company, New Era Life Insurance Company of the Midwest and Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) New Gloria's Manor Home Care (Multiplan) New Horizon Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) New Mexico Health Connections (Multiplan) New Orleans Employers / ILA (Multiplan) New Resources Companies Inc (Multiplan) Newlett Inc (Multiplan) Nexcaliber (Multiplan) Nexgen Team LLC (Multiplan) NHIC aka National General Management Corp (Multiplan) Nippon Life Insurance Company of America (Multiplan) Nisqually Red Wind Casino (Multiplan) NNI Construction Co. dba NNI Construction (Multiplan) Noble Applications (Multiplan) Noel Corporation (Multiplan) Nokomis Health, Inc (Multiplan) Nonn's Flooring Inc (Multiplan) Norcom, Inc (Multiplan) North America Administrators, LP (Multiplan) North Clackamas School District (Multiplan) North Cypress Medical Center (Multiplan) Northeast Georgia Health Partners, LLC (Multiplan) Northern California Bakery Drivers Security Fund (Multiplan) Northern Fruit Company (Multiplan) Northern Illinois Health Plan/First National Bank & Trust (Multiplan) Northside Dermatology SC (Multiplan) Northwest Christian University (Multiplan) Northwest Door (Multiplan) Northwest Iowa Building & Construction Trades (Multiplan) Northwest Medical Specialties (Multiplan) Northwest Mississippi (Multiplan) Northwest Physicians Network dba BenefitMD (Multiplan) Northwest Restaurants Inc (Multiplan) Northwest Sheet Metal Workers (Multiplan) Northwestern Specialist (Multiplan) Norwich University (Multiplan) NOVA Healthcare Administrators (Multiplan) Novae Corporation (Multiplan) NovaNet, Inc (Multiplan) Novatech, Inc (Multiplan) NSC Global LLC (Multiplan) Numerica Credit Union (Multiplan) Nursing Care Management of America, Inc. (Multiplan) Nyrstar (Multiplan) Oak Management Service, Inc. (Multiplan) Oak Park Place (Multiplan) Oasis Health Care (Multiplan) Ocean County College (Multiplan) ODS Health Plans (Multiplan) Odyssey Enterprises Inc (Multiplan) Ogburn Leasing Corporation (Multiplan) Ohio Transport Corp (Multiplan) Olympic Eagle Distributing (Multiplan) Olympus (Multiplan) Omaha Firefighters Healthcare Trust (Multiplan) Omega Insurance Company (Multiplan) One Digital West (Multiplan) Ontrack, Inc. (Multiplan) Onyx Collections (Multiplan) OPEIU Local 30 & 537 Health & Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Operating Engineers H&W Trust Fund for CO (Multiplan) Optima Health dba OhioHealthy (Multiplan) Orchestrate HR, Inc. fka Employers Direct Health, Inc (Multiplan) Oregon Community Credit Union (Multiplan) Oregon State University Foundation (Multiplan) Orlando Health dba HealthChoice (Multiplan) Orora Visual TX, LLC fka IntegraColor, LLC (Multiplan) Orthopaedics Northeast PC (Multiplan) Oscar Insurance Corporation (Multiplan) Outdoor Network, LLC (Multiplan) Outsource One (Multiplan) Oxford Health Plans (Multiplan) P & L Development, LLD dba PL Development (Multiplan) P5e Health Plans (Multiplan) Pacific Blue Cross (Multiplan) Pacific Health Alliance (Multiplan) Pacifica Companies (Multiplan) PacifiCare of California (Multiplan) PAI, Inc (Multiplan) PALOMAR MODULAR BUILDINGS, LLC (Multiplan) Pan American Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) Pan-America Life Insurance Company and/or Pan-American Benefits Solutions, Inc. (Multiplan) Panorma (Multiplan) Paradigm Health Holdings LLC (Multiplan) Paragon Benefits, Inc. (Multiplan) Paramount & Finishing Co Inc. (Multiplan) Paramount Care, Inc. & Paramount Care of Michigan, Inc. (Multiplan) Parrish (Multiplan) Parrish McDonald's Restaurants V LTD (Multiplan) Party City Holdings, Inc (Multiplan) PATH Administrators fka DH Evans Associates, Inc. (Multiplan) Patient Advocates, LLC (Multiplan) Patriot Health Florida, Inc (Multiplan) Payment Service Network (Multiplan) PCF Acquisition Company dba World Class Automotive Group (Multiplan) PCI Construction, Inc. (Multiplan) Peacehealth (Multiplan) Pekin Insurance Co (Multiplan) Penfield Care Management, Inc. International (Multiplan) Peppermill, Inc. (Multiplan) Per Blue Entertainment Inc (Multiplan) Performax (Multiplan) Peters Engineering (Multiplan) Petroleum Wholesales LP Welfare Benefits (Multiplan) PFG (Multiplan) Phoenix Administrators, LLC dba Performance Health (Multiplan) Physician Hospital Community Organization (Multiplan) Physicians' Care of California (Multiplan) Physicians Choice Network (Multiplan) Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc. (Multiplan) Piedmont Health Alliance (Multiplan) Pikes Peak Board of Cooperative Services (Multiplan) Pinnacle Claims Management (Multiplan) Pioneer Contract Services, Inc. (Multiplan) Pipe Fitters Local 430 Health & Welfare Fund (Multiplan) Pipkin Construction (Multiplan) Plan Handlers (Multiplan) Planned Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Planstin, Inc. (Multiplan) Planvista Solutions, Inc (Multiplan) Pleasant Valley Potato (Multiplan) Pleet Home Care (Multiplan) Plumbers & Pipefitters Medical Fund Local 5 (Multiplan) Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 33 (Multiplan) Plumbers Local 130 (Multiplan) Plymouth Foam (Multiplan) Plymouth Poultry Company (Multiplan) PMH Medical Center (Multiplan) Point Comfort Underwriters (Multiplan) Point Spring Company (Multiplan) Pointers Cleaners & Caulkers Welfare Fund Local 66 (Multiplan) Polypack, Inc. (Multiplan) Populytics, Inc. fka Spectrum Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe (Multiplan) Port Madison Enterprises (Multiplan) Port of Bellingham (Multiplan) Port Townsend Paper (Multiplan) Post University (Multiplan) PPO Next, Inc (Multiplan) Practice Management Corporation (Multiplan) Prairie Electric, Inc. (Multiplan) Prairie States Enterprises, Inc (Multiplan) Prairie States Harbor Industries (Multiplan) Precisioin Products, Inc. (Multiplan) Preferred Behavioral Health of New Jersey (Multiplan) Preferred Benefit Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) Preferred Health Plan of the Carolinas (Multiplan) Preferred Health Plan, Inc. (Multiplan) Preferred Health Professionals, LLC (Multiplan) Preferred Health UTI (Multiplan) Preferred Inc Fort Wayne (Multiplan) Preferred Medical Claim Solutions, LLC (Multiplan) Preferred One Administrators (Multiplan) Premier Access, Inc (Multiplan) Premier Administrative Solutions, Inc. (Multiplan) Premier Claims Administrators, LLC (Multiplan) Premio Foods Inc (Multiplan) Premium Cabinets (Multiplan) Presbyterian Health Plan (Multiplan) Prestige (Multiplan) Prestige International USA, Inc. (Multiplan) Prime Benefits, Inc (Multiplan) Prime Health (Multiplan) Princeton Group Inc (Multiplan) Princeton Property Management (Multiplan) Principal Services, Ltd. (Multiplan) Priority Health Managed Benefits, Inc. (Multiplan) Pro Sports Club (Multiplan) Proagtive Technologies LLC (Multiplan) Pro-Claim Plus dba PHP Pro Claim (Multiplan) Procura Management, Inc., a division of Healthcare Solutions Company (Multiplan) Prodegi Corporate Benefit Services (Multiplan) Professional Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) Professional Benefit Services (Multiplan) Professional Benefits Admin, Inc. (Multiplan) Professional Claims Management, Inc (Multiplan) Progressive Benefit Service (Multiplan) ProHEALTH Care Associates, LLP (Multiplan) ProHEALTH Medical Management (Multiplan) Prospect Education, LLC (Multiplan) Protective Life Insurance Co. (Multiplan) Providence Administrative Services, Inc (Multiplan) Public Employees Health Program (Multiplan) Public Employees Local 71 (Multiplan) Puget sound Kidney Centers (Multiplan) Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc. (Multiplan) Purcell Road Media LLC (Multiplan) QSI Automation Inc (Multiplan) QuadGraphics (Multiplan) QualaWash Holdings, LLC (Multiplan) QualCare Preferred Providers (Multiplan) Quality Cellular Corp (Multiplan) Quality Health Management, LLC (Multiplan) Quality Jewelers (Multiplan) Quantum Care, Inc. (Multiplan) Quartz Benefits fka Unity Health Insurance (Multiplan) Quest Medical Claims, LLC (Multiplan) Quick Tab II (Multiplan) Quinault Beach Resort and Casino (Multiplan) Quinault Tribe (Multiplan) Quincy Medical Group (Multiplan) QVI Risk Solutions, Inc. (Multiplan) R&A Enterprises of Carbondales, Inc. (Multiplan) Rachel H Jacobs PHD PC (Multiplan) Rachel O'Mara MD LLC (Multiplan) Radiology of Indiana PC (Multiplan) Range Generation Next, LLC (Multiplan) Rate Rehab (Multiplan) RCB Bank (Multiplan) RCI Consultants, Inc. dba RCI Energy Group (Multiplan) RE West Transport (Multiplan) Redbridge Network and Healthcare (Multiplan) Redirect Health (Multiplan) Redox Engine (Multiplan) Reece Albert, Inc. (Multiplan) Reedman Toll Management Group, LLC (Multiplan) RefrigiWear, inc. (Multiplan) Refugio County Memorial Hospital (Multiplan) Regal Cutting Tools, Inc. (Multiplan) Regency Employee Benefits (Multiplan) Regent Management Services, LP (Multiplan) Regional Care, Inc. (Multiplan) REI Nations (Multiplan) Relation Insurance Services - Specialty Risk, Inc., fka Summit America Insurance Services, Inc (Multiplan) Religious Order of the Jehovah's Witnesses (Multiplan) Research Prod (Multiplan) Retail Investors of Texas, Ltd. (Multiplan) Revstone (Multiplan) Reytec Construction Resources, Inc. (Multiplan) Richland County School District One (Multiplan) Rieter (Multiplan) Right Choice Benefit Administrators (Multiplan) RIJE Auto Group LP dba Hill Country Honda (Multiplan) Rinaudo Enterprises, Inc (Multiplan) Rio Grande Employees Hospital Association (Multiplan) Rising Medical Solutions (Multiplan) Risk Reduction (Multiplan) RMJP Equity, Inc. dba Frates Benefit Administrators fka CL Frates and Company (Multiplan) Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. (Multiplan) Rollins, Inc (Multiplan) Rose Hulman (Multiplan) Rosen Nissan Of Madison LLC (Multiplan) Roundstone Insurance (Multiplan) Royal Brass, Inc. (Multiplan) Royal Cargo Trailers Inc (Multiplan) Rural Electric Supply Cooperative (Multiplan) S & L Hospitality - Quality Inn & Suites (Multiplan) S & S Healthcare Strategies, Ltd (Multiplan) Sagamore Ready Mix fka Builders Concrete (Multiplan) Sain Electric Inc (Multiplan) Saint Xavier University (Multiplan) Salem Clinic (Multiplan) Sallie Contini Well Dressed Home (Multiplan) Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (Multiplan) Salvasen Health (Multiplan) San Joaquin County Health Commission (Multiplan) San Luis Valley HMO, Inc. (Multiplan) Sana Benefits, Inc (Multiplan) Sanford Health Plan, Sanford Heart of America Health Plan, and Sanford Health Plan of Minnesota (Multiplan) Satilla Waycross GA (Multiplan) Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc. (Multiplan) SBK Delivery LLC MVP (Multiplan) Schwartz Brothers Restaurants (Multiplan) Scott and White Health Plan (Multiplan) SDS Lumber Company (Multiplan) Sea Mar Community Health Centers (Multiplan) Seaport Steel (Multiplan) Seats (Multiplan) Secure Health Plans of GA, LLC (Multiplan) Security Health Plan (Multiplan) Seed Intellectual Property Law Group (Multiplan) SEH America (Multiplan) SelectHealth Plans (Multiplan) Self Funded Plans Inc (Multiplan) Self Insured Services Company (Multiplan) Self-Insured Plans, LLC (Multiplan) SEMCO Distributing, Inc. (Multiplan) Seneca Sawmill Company (Multiplan) Sentara Health Plans, Inc (Multiplan) Service Mechanical Inc (Multiplan) SES Foam, LLC (Multiplan) Seven Corners (Multiplan) SHA, LLC dba FirstCare and Southwest Life and Health Insurance Company (Multiplan) Shady Cove Resort & Marina LLC (Multiplan) Sharp Health Plan (Multiplan) Sharp Transport, Inc (Multiplan) Shasta Administrative Services (Multiplan) Shelter Insurance Group (Multiplan) Sheltered Wings (Multiplan) Shields Asphalt Paving, Inc. (Multiplan) Shoreline Partners (Multiplan) Shorkey Group Management, LLC (Multiplan) Shoshone Bannock Tribes (Multiplan) Showplace, Inc. (Multiplan) Sidney Schlusselberg Co. (Multiplan) SIEBA Ltd (Multiplan) Sierra Health Services (Multiplan) Sierra Peaks Corporation (Multiplan) Signature Brands, LLC (Multiplan) Significa Benefit Services (Multiplan) Silatronix (Multiplan) Silcotect Inc (Multiplan) Simplan Administrators, Inc. fka R H Administrators (Multiplan) Skagit Valley Food Co-op (Multiplan) SKC Enterprises, Inc. (Multiplan) Skjodt-Barrett Contract Packaging (Multiplan) Skookum Health Assistance Program (Multiplan) Skyfuel Aviation Services (Multiplan) Slidell Memorial Hospital & Medical Center (Multiplan) Sloans Lake Management Corporation (Multiplan) Smartech Communications (Multiplan) Smartuq LLC (Multiplan) SMG Imports LTD (Multiplan) Smith Administrators (Multiplan) Smith Brothers Farms, Inc. (Multiplan) Smith Frozen Foods (Multiplan) Smith Rogers Oil (Multiplan) Snohomish County Fire District 1 (Multiplan) Snoqualmie Indian Tribe (Multiplan) Snoqualmie Tribe Health Plan (Multiplan) SO NH Univ Domestic (Multiplan) Social Security Fund UFCW Intl (Multiplan) Sociallity Group, Inc. dba Flexefits/Rethink My Healthcare (Multiplan) Solutions Plus (Multiplan) Sonic Foundry Inc (Multiplan) Sound Credit Union (Multiplan) Sound Devices LLC (Multiplan) South Central Preferred (Multiplan) South Florida Community Care Nework, LLC dba Community Care Plan (Memorial Healthcare (Multiplan) System dba Memorial Managed Care aka South Broward Hospital District) (Multiplan) South Lake Pediatric Dentistry (Multiplan) South Pike County (Multiplan) Southeastern Indiana Health Organization (Multiplan) Southern California Carpenters (Multiplan) Southern Ionics Inc (Multiplan) Southern Oregon Head Start (Multiplan) Southlake Clinic (Multiplan) Southwest Service Administrators, Inc (Multiplan) Spartan Energy Services, LLC (Multiplan) Special Agents Mutual Benefit Association (Multiplan)
Accreditations and Certifications

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