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Special Insurance Services (Multiplan) Specialties & Paper Products Local 527 (Multiplan) Speedway Redi-Mix Inc (Multiplan) Springfield, Inc. (Multiplan) St Barnabas Health System (Multiplan) St Josephs College (Multiplan) St Mary of The Lake (Multiplan) St. John's Health System (Multiplan) Staff Benefits Management, Inc. (Multiplan) Standard Life and Casualty Insurance Company (Multiplan) Stanley Ralph Kerns dba Midway Garage (Multiplan) Star Healthcare Network (Multiplan) StarMed Benefits, Inc (Multiplan) STAT, Inc. (Multiplan) State Systems, Inc (Multiplan) Stem Cell Networks (Multiplan) Stillwater Technologies, LLC (Multiplan) Stockbridge-Munsee Community (Multiplan) Storeworkers Security Plan (Multiplan) Strategic Resource Company (Multiplan) Strategies for Change (Multiplan) Student Assurance Services, Inc (Multiplan) Student Osteopathic Medical Asso (Multiplan) Student Plans, Inc. (Multiplan) Sturges LLC (Multiplan) Suffolk Health Plans (Multiplan) Sumitomo Marine Claims Services USA (Multiplan) SummaCare (Multiplan) Sumnerone Inc. (Multiplan) Sun Holdings, LLC (Multiplan) Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Multiplan) SUNY Institute of Technology At Utica Rome (Multiplan) Superior Administrators, Inc. (Multiplan) Supply Core (Multiplan) Surface Engineering & Alloy Co., Inc. (Multiplan) Sussex County Community (Multiplan) Sutton Special Risk (Multiplan) Swanson Group, Inc. (Multiplan) Swinomish Casino & Lodge (Multiplan) Swinomish Indian Tribal Community (Multiplan) Sycamore Jewelers (Multiplan) Symetra Life Insurance Company (Multiplan) 1199 National Benefit Fund Health (ACPN) 1921 Iron Workers (ACPN) 21ST Century & Health Benefits (ACPN) 21st Century Health & Benefits (ACPN) 3P Administrators (ACPN) AAA Central PA (ACPN) AAI Limited (ACPN) Acadia Insurance Company (ACPN) Accelera Health Inc/ATPA (ACPN) Access Administrators Inc (ACPN) Access International Healthcare (ACPN) Accicent Fund Insurance (ACPN) Accident Insurance Company (ACPN) ACE Argentina (ACPN) ACE Frankfurt (ACPN) ACE International (ACPN) ACE Mexico (ACPN) Ace Property and Casualty Group Insurance (ACPN) Aci Global S.p.A. (ACPN) ACMS (ACPN) ACS - Comp IQ (ACPN) ACS Benefit Services (ACPN) Activa Benefit Services (ACPN) Activar Inc. (ACPN) Actuarial & Employee Benefit Services Co. (ACPN) Actuarial Management Resources - CLIC (ACPN) Actuarial Management Resources - GAFRI (ACPN) Actuarial Management Resources - KCL (ACPN) Actuarial Management Resources, Inc. (ACPN) ADAC (ACPN) Adecco USA Inc (ACPN) Adjustment Services, Inc. (ACPN) Administrative Claims Management (ACPN) Administrative Concepts (ACPN) Administrative Services Inc. (ACPN) Administrators and Consultants, Ltd (ACPN) Adva-net (ACPN) Advance Admin Local 592 (ACPN) Advance Admin Local 803 (ACPN) Advance Medical (ACPN) Advanced Benefit Administrators (ACPN) Advanced Correctional Healthcare-MC (ACPN) Advanced Medical Strategies (ACPN) Advantage City of Greenwood Self Funded (ACPN) Advantage Franciscan Self Funded (ACPN) ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc. (ACPN) Advantek Benefit Administration (ACPN) Advatage Insurance (ACPN) Adventist Risk Management (ACPN) Affordable Benefit Administrators (ACPN) AFS Insurance Services (ACPN) AG Administrators Inc. (ACPN) AGA Assistance (India) Pvt. Ltd. (ACPN) AGA Assistance Australia Pty Ltd. (ACPN) AGA International SA (ACPN) AGA Service Deutschland GmbH (ACPN) AGLC (ACPN) AHH - Advocate Services (ACPN) AHH - American Benefit Management - 1426 (ACPN) AHH - American Health Holding (ACPN) AHH - Aultcare (ACPN) AHH - Correctcare (ACPN) AHH - Ironworks Local 549 & 550 (ACPN) AHH - Motorola (ACPN) AHH - Motorola Employees/ACS Employees (ACPN) AHH - OH Carpenters Health & Welfare (ACPN) AHH - Painting Industry Funds (ACPN) AHH - Toledo Electrical Welfare Fund (ACPN) AHH - University of Alaska (ACPN) AIA International Limited (ACPN) AIG Accident and Health (ACPN) AIG Benefit Solutions (ACPN) AIG Claims Services (ACPN) AIG Hawaii (ACPN) AIG Insurance Company of Canada (ACPN) AIG Worker's Comp Manual (ACPN) AIM Benefit Services (ACPN) Air Force Central Insurance (ACPN) Alabama Insurance Guaranty Association (ACPN) Alabama Trucking Association (ACPN) Alakska Here Health & Welfare (ACPN) Alaska Care (ACPN) Alaska Childrens Services (ACPN) Alaska Forest Association (ACPN) Alaska Here Health & Welfare (ACPN) Alaska Laborers Construction (ACPN) Alaska Native Tribal Health Plan (ACPN) Alaska Pipe Trades 367 (ACPN) Alaska UFCW Health and Welfare Trust (ACPN) Alcan (ACPN) ALFA Virginia Mutual Insurance (ACPN) Alfa Vision (ACPN) Algico (ACPN) Alicare (ACPN) All Nations Insurance (ACPN) All Risk Insurance (ACPN) Allegiance - MC (ACPN) Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc. (ACPN) Alliance Benefit Management Company (ACPN) Alliance National Insurance Master (ACPN) Alliant Insurance (ACPN) Allianz Global Assistance NZ (ACPN) Allied Benefit Systems (ACPN) Allied National (ACPN) Allina Health (ACPN) Allstate Insurance Company (ACPN) Almeda (ACPN) Alpha Data Systems, Inc. (ACPN) Alpha Vision Insurance (ACPN) Alternative Benefit Plans, Inc. (ACPN) Alternative Insurance Resources,Inc (ACPN) Alternative Risk Management (ACPN) Alternative Risk Solutions (ACPN) Alternative Service Concepts (ACPN) ALTRUA (ACPN) Always Health Partners (ACPN) Amalgamated Life Insurance (ACPN) AmeriBen Solutions (ACPN) American Airlines (ACPN) American Benefit Corporation (ACPN) American Benefits Association (ACPN) American Benefits Company, Inc. (ACPN) American Benefits Management (ACPN) American Enterprise (ACPN) American Family Insurance (ACPN) American Hydrotech, Inc. (ACPN) American Insitute for Foreign Study/Equinox (ACPN) American Insurance (ACPN) American International Group (AIG) (ACPN) American Management Advisors (ACPN) American Medical Security (ACPN) American National Life Insurance Company (ACPN) American Professional Risk Services, Inc (ACPN) American Professional Risk Services, Inc Risk Management RI (ACPN) American Republic Insurance Company (ACPN) American Specialty Insurance (ACPN) American Trust Administrators (ACPN) Americas Choice Healthplans LLC (ACPN) AmeriComp Benefits (ACPN) AmeriHealth Administrators (ACPN) AmeriPlan (ACPN) Ameriprise (ACPN) AmeriSafe (ACPN) AmeriSafe Insurance Company SC (ACPN) Amerisure Insurance (ACPN) Amerisure Insurance Company (ACPN) AmeriTrust Insurance Corporation (ACPN) AMIL International (ACPN) Amtrust (ACPN) Amway Health Plan (ACPN) Anchor Benefit Consulting (ACPN) Andrews Excavating (ACPN) Angel Guard Assist (ACPN) ANPAC (ACPN) Antares Management Solutions (ACPN) ANWB (ACPN) APEA AFT (ACPN) Apex Benefits Services, LLC (ACPN) Appalachian Benefit Administrators (ACPN) Appalachian Claims Service (ACPN) APWU Health Plans (ACPN) ARC Best Corp (ACPN) ARC Europe (ACPN) Argo Insurance Company (ACPN) Argonaut Insurance Company (ACPN) Aria Assistance (ACPN) Ariel Corporation (ACPN) Ariel Third Party Administrators (ACPN) Aries Insurance Company (ACPN) Arise/WPS (ACPN) Arizona Metropolitan Trust (ACPN) Arizona Pipe Trades Health and Welfare Fund (ACPN) Arkansas BCBS (ACPN) Arkansas Pipe Trades Health and Welfare Fund (ACPN) Arkansas Trucking Association (ACPN) Armed Forces Insurance (ACPN) Armour Risk (ACPN) AS&G Claims Administration (ACPN) Asbestos Workers Local 8 (ACPN) Ascendant HealthCare (ACPN) ASE/AFSCME L 52 Health Benefits (ACPN) ASERT Benefit (ACPN) Asian American Medical Group (AAMG) (ACPN) Aspen Administrators (ACPN) ASR Health Plans (ASR Corp) (ACPN) Assistance Alliance International (HK) Limited (ACPN) Assistance International (ACPN) Associated Administrators (4Most) (ACPN) Associated Administrators LLC (ACPN) Associated Benefits Corporation (ACPN) Assure Care (ACPN) Assure Care Risk Management (ACPN) Assured Benefits Administrators (ACPN) ASU Group (ACPN) Atlanta Public Schools (ACPN) AultCare (ACPN) Auto Club Association (ACPN) Automated Benefit Services (ABS) (ACPN) Automated Group Administrators (ACPN) Automobile Mechanics Local 701 (ACPN) Autozone (ACPN) AUXIANT (ACPN) AVERA HEALTH PLANS Health Plan SD (ACPN) AvMed Health Plans (ACPN) AXA Winterthur Insurance (ACPN) AXIS Accident & Health (ACPN) AZ Foundation for Med Care (ACPN) B.J Baldwin Electric (ACPN) Babb, Inc. (ACPN) BAC Local Union 15 Welfare Fund (ACPN) Baker Benefits Administrators (ACPN) Bakery & Confection Health & Pension Fund (ACPN) Bakery and Sales Drivers (ACPN) Baldwin County (ACPN) Banesco Seguros (ACPN) Bank Life & Casualty (ACPN) Banner Health Systems (ACPN) Bashas' Risk Management (ACPN) Bayerische Beamtenkrankenkasse (ACPN) BDAE Holding GmbH (ACPN) Bed Bath & Beyond (ACPN) Benefit Administrative Systems (ACPN) Benefit Administrator Services (ACPN) Benefit Administrators Services (ACPN) Benefit and Risk Management Services (ACPN) Benefit Assistance Corporation (ACPN) Benefit Concepts, Inc. (ACPN) Benefit Management Administrators (ACPN) Benefit Management Administrators, Inc. (ACPN) Benefit Management Services (ACPN) Benefit Management, Inc. (MO) (ACPN) Benefit Plan Administrators (ACPN) Benefit Planners, Inc (ACPN) Benefit Risk Management Services (ACPN) Benefit Services of PA (ACPN) Benefit Solutions, Inc (ACPN) Benefit Support (ACPN) Benefit Systems & Services (ACPN) BeneSys Inc. (ACPN) BeniComp, Inc. (ACPN) Berkly (ACPN) Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies (ACPN) Beverage Drivers Local 792 (ACPN) Bibb County Public Schools (ACPN) Bituminous Insurance Companies (ACPN) Blalock Construction (ACPN) Blue Advantage Administrators of Arkansas (ACPN) Blue Cross Blue Shielf of SC Insurance Carrier SC (ACPN) Blue Cross of Atlantic Canada (ACPN) BlueGrass Family Health Plan (ACPN) BMI Benefits, LLC (ACPN) BMI-HealthPlans (ACPN) Bob Evans Farms Inc (ACPN) Bob McCloskey Insurance/BMI Benefits (ACPN) Boilermakers (ACPN) Bollinger/Fowler (ACPN) Boon-Chapman, Inc. (ACPN) Boston Plasterers (ACPN) Boulder Administration Services Inc (ACPN) Boyd Brothers Transportation (ACPN) BPA (ACPN) Bragg and Associates, Inc (ACPN) Brenner Tank LLC (ACPN) Brentwood Services, Inc (ACPN) Brethren Mutual Insurance Company (ACPN) Brevard Partnership Network (ACPN) Bricklayers - Local 6 (ACPN) Bridgestone Americas, Inc. (ACPN) Bright Health (ACPN) Broadspire (ACPN) Brokerage Concepts Inc. (ACPN) Brotherhood Mutual (ACPN) Brown and Bigelow (ACPN) Bunch & Associates, Inc (ACPN) BUPA (ACPN) Burger King Corporation (ACPN) Business Insurance Group, LLC (ACPN) C.H. Carpenter Lumber (ACPN) C&O Employees' Hospital Association (ACPN) California Indemnity (ACPN) California Water Services (CWS) (ACPN) CAM Administrative Services, Inc. (ACPN) Cambridge Insurance Co. (ACPN) Canadian Medical Network (ACPN) Canal Insurance Co. (ACPN) Canassistance (ACPN) Cannon Cochran Management Services (ACPN) Capital District Physicians Health Plan (ACPN) Capitol Administrators (ACPN) Capitol Administrators of The Southeast (ACPN) Caprock HealthPlans (ACPN) Cardea Health Solutions (ACPN) Cardinal Servicios Integrales S.A. (ACPN) CareWorks (ACPN) Carey International (ACPN) Carey International Insurance Company SC (ACPN) Carolina Benefit Administrators (ACPN) Carpenter Contractors of America (ACPN) Carpenters District Council of Chicago (ACPN) Carpenters H&W Trust of St Louis (ACPN) Carpenters Local 491 Health & Welfare Plan (ACPN) Carpenters Southern California (ACPN) Carpenters' Benefit Fund Union (ACPN) CAS Benefit Plans (ACPN) Casto Technical Services (ACPN) Catholic Diocese of El Paso TX (ACPN) CBA Third Party Administrator (ACPN) Cbca - Savannah (ACPN) CBSA Third Party Administrator (ACPN) CCMSI Third Party Administrator (ACPN) CCS Holdings, Ltd. Partnership Third Party Administrator (ACPN) CDS Health Plans (ACPN) Celtic Life Insurance Company Insurance Carrier (ACPN) Cement Masons Union (ACPN) Central Data Services, Inc. Third Party Administrator (ACPN) Central Reserve Life (ACPN) Central Security Life Insurance Company (ACPN) Central States Southeast and Southwest Areas Health & Welfare Fund (ACPN) Century Planners (ACPN) Cerberus Special Risks (ACPN) Cerner Corporation (ACPN) CFBB (ACPN) Charter Benefit Administrators (ACPN) Charter/ Polaris (ACPN) Chartis Insurance Company of Canada (ACPN) Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company (ACPN) Chesterfield Resources (ACPN) CHRISTIAN BROTHERS (ACPN) Christian Care Ministry (ACPN) Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company (ACPN) Chubb Insurance (ACPN) Church Mutual (ACPN) Cigna (ACPN) Cigna Insurance Services (Europe) Limited (ACPN) Cincinnati Insurance (ACPN) Cincinnati Insurance Insurance Company SC (ACPN) CIS Risk Management Services, Inc. (ACPN) Cities and Villages Mutual Insurance (ACPN) City of Amarillo (ACPN) City of Davenport (ACPN) City of Hollywood (Florida) (ACPN) City of Montgomery (ACPN) City of Sarasota PPO and EPO (Florida) (ACPN) City of Venice (Florida) (ACPN) City of York (Pennsylvania) (ACPN) CL Frates & Company/Plico Health (ACPN) Claim Management Services (ACPN) Claim Technologies Incorporated (ACPN) Claims Administrative Services (ACPN) Claims Management of Missouri LLC (ACPN) Claims Settlement Agencies Ltd (ACPN) Clarion Benefits Administration LLC (ACPN) Cleveland Brothers (ACPN) CLICO International Life Insurance (ACPN) CM High (ACPN) CMN, Inc. (ACPN) CMR Administrators, Inc. (ACPN) CNIC Health Solution (ACPN) Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, Inc. (ACPN) Coastal Administrative Svcs Inc dba CAS Benefit Plans (ACPN) Coca Cola Enterprises (ACPN) Coca-Cola Bottlers' Association (ACPN) Colonial Group (ACPN) Colonial Healthcare Incorporated (ACPN) Colorado Farm Bureau (ACPN) Columbia County (ACPN) Columbia Insurance Group (ACPN) Combined Benefits Administrators, LLC (ACPN) Commerce Bank (ACPN) Commerce Benefits Group, Inc. (ACPN) Commercial Travelers Ins. (ACPN) Commodity Specialists Company (ACPN) Community Administrators (ACPN) Community Care (ACPN) Comp IQ (ACPN) Companion (ACPN) Companion Medical Management SC (ACPN) Compass Rose Benefits Group (ACPN) Compfirst (ACPN) Comprehensive Benefits (ACPN) Comprehensive Benefits Third Party Administrator (ACPN) Comprehensive Benefits Administrator Inc (ACPN) Comprehensive Benefits Service Inc. (ACPN) Comprehensive Cost Solutions (ACPN) CompStar Systems, Inc (ACPN) CompStar Systems, Inc Managed Care/Cost Containment SC (ACPN) CompTech Group LLC Medical Management (ACPN) Compusys Third Party Administrator (ACPN) Concentra Managed Care Employer Group (ACPN) Conifer Health Solutions Bill Review Company (ACPN) ConMed Healthcare Management (ACPN) ConnectiCare (ACPN) Connecticut Pipe Trades Health Fund (ACPN) Consociate Group (ACPN) Consolidated Benefits Resources (ACPN) Consolidated Health Plans (ACPN) Construction Industry Laborers Welfare Fund (ACPN) Construction Suppliers Fund A (ACPN) Construction Suppliers Fund B (ACPN) Construction Workers Trust Fund (ACPN) Continental Benefits Insurance (ACPN) Continental General Insurnace Company (ACPN) Continental Western Group (ACPN) Continental Western Group Insurance Carrier SD (ACPN) Continental Western Insurance Co. (ACPN) Continentale Krankenversicherung (ACPN) Contract Claims Services, Inc (ACPN) Copper Point (ACPN) Core Risk (ACPN) CoreSource (ACPN) Coris Prague (ACPN) Cornerstone Benefits Admin (ACPN) Cornerstone Benefits Administrator (ACPN) Corporate Benefit Services, Inc. (ACPN) Corporate Client Services Special (ACPN) Corporate Services Network (ACPN) Corporate Systems Administration, Inc (ACPN) CorrectCare Integrated Health (ACPN) Cottingham & Butler (ACPN) County of Riverside, CA. (ACPN) Covenant Administrators (ACPN) Covenant Group Services (ACPN) Coventry (Work Comp) (ACPN) Cox Health Plan (ACPN) CPC Logistics (ACPN) Creative Plan Administrators LLC (ACPN) Creative Plan Administrators, LLC (ACPN) Creative Risk Solutions (ACPN) Customer Care (ACPN) CWI Benefits (ACPN) CWI Benefits Inc Third Party Administrator SC (ACPN) Cypress Benefit Administrators (ACPN) D.H. Evans Associates, Inc. (ACPN) DAKOTACARE Health Plan SD (ACPN) Dallas National (ACPN) Daman Health Insurance Qatar LLC (ACPN) Daman UAE (ACPN) Daniel H. Cook Associates, Inc. (ACPN) Dean Health Plan, Inc. (ACPN) Definiti Healthcare Management (ACPN) Delta Health Systems (ACPN) Deseret Mutual Benefit Admin (ACPN) Desjardins Assurances (ACPN) Deutsche Assistance Service GmbH (ACPN) DEVK Krankenversicherung AG (ACPN) Direct Line Insurance Group (ACPN) District #77 IAMAW (ACPN) Diversified Administration (ACPN) Diversified Group Administrators (ACPN) Dollar General (ACPN) Duluth Building Trades (ACPN) Durex (ACPN) EA Insurance (ACPN) EASTEX Telephone (ACPN) EBAM Corporation (ACPN) EBPA (ACPN) ECOM (NELIC) (ACPN) ECOM (PALIC) (ACPN) Edmonton Pipe (ACPN) Educators Mutual Life (ACPN) Electrical Welfare Trust Fund (ACPN) Electrical Workers (IBEW) (ACPN) Elite Brokerage Service (ACPN) ELMCO (ACPN) EM Risk Management (ACPN) EMC Insurance Companies (ACPN) EMI Health Plan (ACPN) Emons (ACPN) Employee Benefit Administrators (ACPN) Employee Benefit Claims of Wisconsin (ACPN) Employee Benefit Concepts, Inc. (ACPN) Employee Benefit Management Corp (ACPN) Employee Benefit Management Services (ACPN) Employee Benefit Services (ACPN) Employee Benefits Corp. (ACPN) Employee Plans, LLC (ACPN) Employee Security, Inc. (ACPN) Employer Plan Services, Inc. (ACPN) Encova Insurance (ACPN) Enterprise Group Planning (ACPN) Enterprise Rent-a-Car (ACPN) Entrust Inc (ACPN) Epharata Manufacturing (ACPN) Epitome, Inc. (ACPN) Equinox (ACPN) Erin Group Adminstrators (ACPN) ERV Insurance UK (ACPN) Esurance (ACPN) Euro-Center Prague Ltd. (ACPN) Eurocross Assistance (ACPN) Europa Assistance (ACPN) Europa Versicherung (ACPN) Evolent Health (ACPN) Evolent Health Inc (ACPN) Exam Works (ACPN) Extended Stay America Inc (ACPN) Fair Isaac (ACPN) Fairbanks Northstar Borough (ACPN) Fairmont Specialty (ACPN) Farm Bureau - Iowa (ACPN) Farmers Insurance (ACPN) FBMC (ACPN) FCCI Insurance Group (ACPN) FCCI PPO and EPO (ACPN) FCE Benefit Administrators (ACPN) Federal Assist (ACPN) Federal Express (ACPN) Federated (ACPN) Federated Insurance (ACPN) Federated Mutual Insurance Co. (ACPN) Federated Rural (ACPN) FHA-TPA (ACPN) Fidelity Insurance (ACPN) Fireman's Fund (ACPN) First Administrators Inc. (FAI) (ACPN) First Agency, Inc (ACPN) First Assistance (ACPN) First Benefits Insurance (ACPN) First Carolina Care (ACPN) First Carolina Care Insurance Carrier SC (ACPN) First Health TPA (ACPN) First Service Administrators, Inc. (ACPN) FirstCare (ACPN) Five Rivers Carpenters (ACPN) Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems (ACPN) Florida League of Cities, Inc. (ACPN) Florida Workers Comepensation (ACPN) FMA (ACPN) FMH Benefit Serv (ACPN) Food Drug Administration (ACPN) Forever 21 Inc (ACPN) Formula Corporation (ACPN) Fortis Benefits Insurance Company (ACPN) Foundation for Medical Care (ACPN) Foundation Health Preferred Administrators (ACPN) Fox Everett (ACPN) Fox's Market (ACPN) Franklin Mutual Insurance (ACPN) Frates Benefit Administrators (ACPN) Freedom Insurance (ACPN) Freeman Admin Solutions, Inc (ACPN) Freight Drivers Local Union No. 557 (ACPN) Friday Health Plans (ACPN) Friedland Misler, PLLC (ACPN) Fringe Benefit Group (ACPN) Frontier (ACPN) Frontier Insurance (ACPN) FrontPath Health Coalition (ACPN) Fruit of The Loom (ACPN) Fulton County (ACPN) Future Care (ACPN) GAB Robins (ACPN) Gallagher Bassett (ACPN) Gard (North America) Inc (ACPN) GBS - CarePlus (ACPN) Geisinger Health Plan (ACPN) General Insurance (ACPN) Genex (ACPN) Genworth Financial (ACPN) George J Hayden Electric (ACPN) Georgia Insurers Insolvency Pool (ACPN) Gerber Life Insurance Company (ACPN) Gettysburg Health Administrators (ACPN) Gilsbar (ACPN) Global Assistance (ACPN) Global Health Asia Limited (ACPN) Global Health Provider Networks (ACPN) Global Medical Management (ACPN) Global Response (ACPN) Global Underwriters (ACPN) Global Underwriters Inc. (ACPN) GlobeMed Lebanon (ACPN) GMS TPA Services (ACPN) Golden Rule Insurance (ACPN) Goodwill Industries (ACPN) Governmental Risk Solutions (ACPN) Governmental Risk Solutions Medical Management SC (ACPN) Grange Insurance Group (ACPN) Graphic Communications (ACPN) Gray and Company, Inc. (ACPN) Great American Insurance Group (ACPN) Great West Casualty Company (ACPN) Great West Risk Management (ACPN) Greater Cincinnati Bricklayers (ACPN) Greater Kansas City Laborers Welfare Fund (ACPN) Grosvenor (ACPN) Group & Pension Admin (GPA) (ACPN) Group Administrators Ltd (GAL) (ACPN) Group Benefit Administrators, Inc. (ACPN) Group Benefit Service (ACPN) Group Executive Insurance Marketing (ACPN) Group Health Cooperative (ACPN) Group Health Cooperative South Carolina Insurance Carrier SC (ACPN) Group Health Managers (ACPN) Group Health Options (ACPN) Group Insurance Service Center (GISC) (ACPN) Group Resources (ACPN) Guarantee Bank & Trust (ACPN) Guarantee Insurance Company (ACPN) Guarantee Insurance Resources (ACPN) Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. (ACPN) Guard Insurance (ACPN) Guardian Life Insurance (ACPN) Guide One Insurance (ACPN) Gulf Guarantee (ACPN) H&B Fund (ACPN) Hagerstown Teamsters and Motor Carriers Health (ACPN) Hanover Foods (ACPN) Hanover Insurance (ACPN) Hanover Lantern (ACPN) Hanse Merkur (ACPN) Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (ACPN) Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Insurance Carrier RI (ACPN) Hastings Mutual Insurance Company (ACPN) Hawaii Mainland Administration (ACPN) HCC Life Insurance Company (ACPN) Healix Assistance NZ (ACPN) Healix Group of Companies (ACPN) Health Access America (ACPN) Health Access America Insurance Carrier SC (ACPN) Health Access America LLC (ACPN) Health Administration Services, Inc. (ACPN) Health Advantage (ACPN) Health Alliance (ACPN) Health Care Plan of South Dakota Medical Association/Dakotacare Insurance Carrier SD (ACPN) Health Claims Administration, Inc. (ACPN) Health Cost Solutions (ACPN) Health Design Plus, Inc (ACPN) Health First (ACPN) Health Insurance Plan of Greater NY (ACPN) Health Markets Inc (ACPN) Health Net (ACPN) Health New England (ACPN) Health Plan Administrators, Inc. (ACPN) Health Plan Intermediaries (ACPN) Health Plan Intermediaries LLC (ACPN) Health Plan Select (ACPN) Health Services Benefit Administrators (ACPN) Health Services Review, Inc. (ACPN) Health Special Risk, Inc. (ACPN) HEALTH SPRING (ACPN) Health West (ACPN) HealthCare International (ACPN) Healthcare Managment Admin (ACPN) HealthCare Partners Medical Group (ACPN) Healthcare Payers Coalition of NJ (ACPN) HealthCare Solutions Group, Inc. (ACPN) Healthcare St (ACPN) HealthCare Strategies, Inc. (ACPN) Healthcare Workers Comp Fund (ACPN) Healthcomp Inc (ACPN) Healthcomp, Inc. (ACPN) HealthEZ (Formerly America's TPA) (ACPN) HealthFirst TPA (ACPN) Healthgram (ACPN) Healthlink (ACPN) HealthMarkets (ACPN) HealthPlan Southeast (ACPN) HealthSCOPE Benefits (ACPN) Healthsmart (ACPN) Healthy CT (ACPN) HealthyCT Inc (ACPN) Heating, Piping and Refrigeration Medical Fund (ACPN) Henner (ACPN) Heritage Consultatnts - Professional Administrators (ACPN) Herr Foods, Inc. (ACPN) HFN TPA (ACPN) Highland Physicians (ACPN) Hines & Associates, Inc. (ACPN) HM Benefits Administrators, Inc. (ACPN) HM Insurance Group (ACPN) HMA Inc (ACPN) Holtra Chem (ACPN) Home Depot (ACPN) Hometown Health (ACPN) Honey Baked Ham Inc (ACPN) Hospital Benefits, Inc. (ACPN) Hot Topic (ACPN) Hotel Restaurant Employees Trust (ACPN) HSBA (ACPN) HTH Worldwide (ACPN) Hubbard Construction (ACPN) Huk - Coburg (ACPN) Humana (ACPN) IAG (ACPN) IATSE Local 22 Welfare Fund (ACPN) IBEW 640 (ACPN) IBEW Local No. 1 H&W Fund (ACPN) IBEW Local Union 124 (ACPN) IBEW Western Utilities (ACPN) IBT Local Union No. 145 (ACPN) ICC (ACPN) ICW Group (ACPN) Idaho Pipe Trades (ACPN) IEES, Inc. (ACPN) IHC Health Solutions (ACPN) ILWU-PMA (ACPN) IMA Benelux (ACPN) IMA Ibercia (ACPN) IMA Servizi (ACPN) IMT Insurance (ACPN) IMT Insurance Insurance Carrier SD (ACPN) IMWCA (ACPN) Inbursa (ACPN) Incentus (ACPN) Indecs Corporation (ACPN) Independent Health (ACPN) Independent Health Assoc Inc (ACPN) Indian River (ACPN) Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Assoc. (ACPN) Indiana Insurance (ACPN) Indiana Insurance Insurance Company SD (ACPN) Indiana University Health (ACPN) Industrial Harness Company (ACPN) INFORMED 9000 (ACPN) InforMed LLC (ACPN) ING - Medical Risk Solutions (ACPN) ING Employee Benefits (ACPN) Ingenex (ACPN) Injured Workers Insurance Fund (ACPN) Innovative Claim Solutions (ACPN) Insura Property & Casualty Co. (ACPN) Insura Property and Casualty Company (ACPN) Insurance Administrator (ACPN) Insurance Administrators of America, Inc. (ACPN) Insurance Management Services (ACPN) Insurance Programmers (ACPN) Insurance Programmers, Inc. 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Accreditations and Certifications

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