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MCMC-RANCHO (USA MCO) MCMC-WILTON (USA MCO) MCMC-YORK (USA MCO) MCMC-YORK/COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA (USA MCO) MEDATA (USA MCO) MEDATA, INC. (USA MCO) MEDATA-AMERISAFE (USA MCO) MEDATA-ARROWPOINT INS (USA MCO) MEDATA-COMPSOURCE OK/STATE FUND (USA MCO) MEDATA-PROVIDENCE RISK (USA MCO) MEDATA-RMPG (USA MCO) MEDATA-RMPG PORT AUTHORITY (W/C (USA MCO) MEDEX (USA MCO) MEDEX HEALTHCARE, INC (USA MCO) MEDIBILL - WORKERS COMP (USA MCO) MEDIBILL - WORKERS COMP(PIT) (USA MCO) MEDLOGIX (USA MCO) MEDLOGIX – F/K/A CONSOLIDATED SERVICES GROUP, INC. (USA MCO) MED-PAY, INC. (USA MCO) MEIJER STORES INC. (USA MCO) MENOMINEE INDIAN TRIBE OF WISCONSIN (USA MCO) MERAKEY USA (USA MCO) MERCHANTS (USA MCO) MERCURY INSURANCE (USA MCO) MERCYCARE (USA MCO) MERITE (USA MCO) METHODIST HOSPITAL S.C. (USA MCO) METLIFE (USA MCO) METRO NASHVILLE (ASC RISK) (USA MCO) METROPOLITAN GOVT. OF NASHVILLE (USA MCO) METROPOLITAN GOVT. OF NASHVILLE (C503) (USA MCO) METROPOLITAN GOVT. OF NASHVILLE (C503)(NSH) (USA MCO) MICHIGAN INSURANCE COMPANY WC (USA MCO) MICHIGAN INSURANCE COMPANY WC(PIT) (USA MCO) MICHIGAN MCDONALD'S OPERATORS' ASSO (USA MCO) MICHIGAN MUNICIPAL LEAGUE WC FUND (USA MCO) MIDSOUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE (USA MCO) MIDSOUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE(NSH) (USA MCO) MIDSOUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE(PIT) (USA MCO) MIDWESTERN - BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY (BH) (USA MCO) MIDWESTERN - QBE INSURANCE (CE) (USA MCO) MIDWESTERN - QBE PRAETORIAN (MP) (USA MCO) MIDWESTERN BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY (USA MCO) MIDWESTERN QBE PROGRAM (MP) (USA MCO) MIDWESTERN QBE PROGRAM (MP)(NSH) (USA MCO) MITCHELL - SMART ADVISOR (USA MCO) MITCHELL INTERNATIONAL, INC (USA MCO) MITCHELL-ALLIANZ (USA MCO) MITCHELL-ALPHA REVIEW (USA MCO) MITCHELL-AMFED (USA MCO) MITCHELL-BERKLEY (USA MCO) MITCHELL-BROADSPIRE (USA MCO) MITCHELL-CHURCH MUTUAL INSURANCE CO (USA MCO) MITCHELL-CLAIMS ADMIN SVCS (USA MCO) MITCHELL-COMPTECH (USA MCO) MITCHELL-CONTRACT CLAIMS SOLUTIONS (USA MCO) MITCHELL-EMC INSURANCE CO (USA MCO) MITCHELL-FAIRPAY/AMTRUST (USA MCO) MITCHELL-FEDERATED MUTUAL INSURANCE CO (USA MCO) MITCHELL-FUTURE CARE (USA MCO) MITCHELL-GAIC (USA MCO) MITCHELL-GENEX (USA MCO) MITCHELL-ICS (USA MCO) MITCHELL-INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE WEST (USA MCO) MITCHELL-KEY RISK MANAGEMENT (USA MCO) MITCHELL-MEDINSIGHTS (USA MCO) MITCHELL-PARADIGM (USA MCO) MITCHELL-REVIEWWORKS (USA MCO) MITCHELL-SELECTIVE (USA MCO) MITCHELL-STATE FARM (USA MCO) MITCHELL-THE RENY COMPANY (USA MCO) MITCHELL-TYSON FOODS (USA MCO) MITCHELL-WORCOMP (USA MCO) MITCHELL-ZURICH (USA MCO) MKT RAILROAD EMPLOYEES HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION (USA MCO) MMG INSURANCE CORP (USA MCO) MODA HEALTH – F/K/A ODS HEALTH PLAN (USA MCO) MONARCH BEVERAGE (USA MCO) MONARCH BEVERAGE(NSH) (USA MCO) MOORE AND GILES (USA MCO) MSD OF LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP (USA MCO) MSD OF LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP(PIT) (USA MCO) MSD PERRY TOWNSHIP(PIT) (USA MCO) MSD WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP(PIT) (USA MCO) MSD WAYNE TOWNSHIP (USA MCO) MSD WAYNE TOWNSHIP(PIT) (USA MCO) MULTIPLAN INC (USA MCO) MULTIPLAN INC./ INTEGRATED HEALTH PLAN, INC. (USA MCO) MUNICIPAL POOLING AUTHORITY (USA MCO) MURPHY & BEANE (USA MCO) MUTUAL BENEFIT GROUP(PIT) (USA MCO) NABORS INDUSTRIES LTD (USA MCO) NATIONAL INTERSTATE INSURANCE - WC (USA MCO) NATIONAL INTERSTATE INSURANCE - WC(PIT) (USA MCO) NATIONWIDE AGRIBUSINESS INSURANCE CO (USA MCO) NATIONWIDE ALLIED INSURANCE (USA MCO) NATIONWIDE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL (USA MCO) NATIONWIDE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL(ATT) (USA MCO) NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANY (USA MCO) NAVICENT HEALTH OOA (USA MCO) NCACOMP (USA MCO) NCSDIA (USA MCO) NETFLIX (USA MCO) NETWORK HEALTH PLAN (USA MCO) NEW YORK CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY(PIT) (USA MCO) NEWCOR, INC. (7144) (USA MCO) NEXT LEVEL ADMINISTRATORS (USA MCO) NGS AMERICANNORTH BREVARD COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT (USA MCO) NISSANNORT (USA MCO) NJM (USA MCO) NMI(NMI) (USA MCO) NORFOLK & DEDHAM (USA MCO) NORMANDY INSURANCE 1136 (USA MCO) NORMANDY INSURANCE 1136(S1M) (USA MCO) NORTH AMERICAN RISK SERVICES (NARS) (USA MCO) NORTH BREVARD COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT (USA MCO) NOVANET (USA MCO) NOVARE NETWORKS (USA MCO) NPIT (USA MCO) NY PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL NYSIF (USA MCO) NY PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL NYSIF(PIT) (USA MCO) NYRSTAR PONNYRSTAR UI, INC (USA MCO) OASIS (USA MCO) OLD REPUBLIC INSURANCE - OD UNIT (USA MCO) OMNG (USA MCO) OMNI ADVANTAGE - WAGE PARITY UNION (USA MCO) OMNITRANS (USA MCO) ONE BEACON INSURANCE COMPANY (USA MCO) ONE BEACON/GALLAGHER BASSETT (USA MCO) ONEBEACON INSURANCE GROUP (USA MCO) ONESOURCE - ACQ(PIT) (USA MCO) OPTUM (USA MCO) OPTUM SERVICES INC (USA MCO) OPUS INSPECTION (USA MCO) ORR NISSAN EAST ORRKLAHOMA EAST (USA MCO) OSMA HEALTH AND WELFARE BENEFITS CORPORATION (USA MCO) OSMA/ABA (USA MCO) P.A.M. TRANSPORT, INC (USA MCO) PALADIN (USA MCO) PALADIN MANAGED CARE SERVICES (USA MCO) PARADIGM (FORMERLY ADVA-NET) (USA MCO) PARADIGM MANAGEMENT SERVICES (USA MCO) Partial List of Contracted Clients (USA MCO) PARTNERS LLC (USA MCO) PATRICK O’CONNOR, LP (USA MCO) PCE SYSTEMS (USA MCO) PCS (USA MCO) PDRMA (USA MCO) PERFECTION ASSOCIATES, LLC (USA MCO) PERRIGO (USA MCO) PIEDMONT COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN EXCHANGE (USA MCO) PIEDMONT COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN EXCHANGE BUSINESS (USA MCO) PIEDMONT COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE, INC. (USA MCO) PINE REST CHRISTIAN HOSPITAL (USA MCO) PINNACLE MANAGED CARE (USA MCO) PLATO (USA MCO) PLEXAS (USA MCO) PLEXAS NET (USA MCO) PMA (USA MCO) PMCS - PROCURA (USA MCO) PMN (USA MCO) POMCO (USA MCO) POSTTIME (USA MCO) PRAETORIAN INSURANCE COMPANY(NSH) (USA MCO) PREFERRED BENEFIT ADMINISTRATORS (USA MCO) PREFERRED MEDICAL CLAIM SOLUTIONS (USA MCO) PREFERRED MEDICAL CLAIMS SOLUTIONS (USA MCO) PREMIER COMP SOLUTIONS, INC. (USA MCO) PRIME ADMINISTRATORS, INC. (USA MCO) PRIME HEALTH CARE (USA MCO) PRIME HEALTH SERVICES (USA MCO) PRIME HEALTH SERVICES, INC (USA MCO) PRIME HEALTH SERVICES, INC. (USA MCO) PRIORITY CARE SOLUTIONS (USA MCO) PRISM (USA MCO) PROCENTURY INSURANCE COMPANY (USA MCO) PROCURA MANAGEMENT, INC. A DIVISION OF HEALTHCARE (USA MCO) PROFESSIONAL BENEFIT ADMIN (PBA) (USA MCO) PROFESSIONAL BENEFITS SERVICES (USA MCO) PROGRESSIVE (USA MCO) PROMEDICA (USA MCO) PROVIDENCE (USA MCO) PRUITT HEALTH(NSH) (USA MCO) PURDUE UNIVERSITY (USA MCO) PURDUE UNIVERSITY (WC)(PIT) (USA MCO) QUAL-LYNX(PIT) (USA MCO) RADIAN WEAPONS (USA MCO) RANDSTAD (USA MCO) RAS/PBR (USA MCO) REDWOOD EMPIRE SCHOOLS’ INSURANCE GROUP (USA MCO) RELIANCE (USA MCO) REMIF (USA MCO) RENY COMPANY (USA MCO) RESTON ANESTHESIA MANAGEMENT SERVICES (USA MCO) REVIEWMED (USA MCO) REVIEWWORKS (USA MCO) REX-GUARD (USA MCO) RISING MEDICAL (USA MCO) RISING MEDICAL - ALASKA ACCOUNTS (USA MCO) RISING MEDICAL SOLUTIONS (USA MCO) RISING MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, INC (USA MCO) ROCKFORD BOARD OF EDUCATION DISTRICT 205 (USA MCO) ROCKINGHAM (USA MCO) ROCKPORT HEALTHCARE GROUP (USA MCO) ROCKPORT WELLCOMP (USA MCO) ROOT INSURANCE (USA MCO) S&S HEALTH (USA MCO) S.M.A.R.T. (USA MCO) S1 MEDICAL (USA MCO) SALVATION ARMY (USA MCO) SALVATION ARMY-CHESTERFIELD SERVICES (USA MCO) SAMARITAS (USA MCO) SAN DIEGO ELECTRICAL HEALTH & WELFARE TRUST (USA MCO) SAN MATEO COUNTY SCHOOLS INSURANCE GROUP (USA MCO) SCC (USA MCO) SCHOOL DISTRICTS INS CONSORT (USA MCO) SCHOOL PROGRAMS (USA MCO) SCHOOL PROGRAMS(NSH) (USA MCO) SCHOOLS INSURANCE AUTHORITY (USA MCO) SECURA INSURANCE COMPANIES (USA MCO) SECURE HEALTH PLANS OF GEORGIA, LLC (USA MCO) SECURITY INDUSTRY SPECIALIST (USA MCO) SEDGWICK (USA MCO) SEDGWICK CMS (USA MCO) SEDGWICK CMS(FUS) (USA MCO) SEDGWICKWC (USA MCO) SELECTIVE INSURANCE (USA MCO) SELECTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY (USA MCO) SELF INSURED SCHOOLS CALIFORNIA (USA MCO) SENTRY (USA MCO) SENTRY INSURANCE (USA MCO) SERVICES) (USA MCO) SEVIER COUNTY (USA MCO) SEVIER COUNTY(PIT) (USA MCO) SEWON AMERICA (USA MCO) SFM MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY (USA MCO) SH VARSITY ACQUISITION SUB, LLC PRIMARY (USA MCO) SHAPELL INDUSTRIES, INC. (USA MCO) SHELOR MOTOR MILE, INC. (USA MCO) SIF (USA MCO) SIGNATURE NETWORKS PLUS (USA MCO) SIMPLIFI (USA MCO) SISCO (USA MCO) SOLUTIONS COMPANY (USA MCO) SOUTHERN CONSTRUCTION GROUP (USA MCO) SOUTHERN INSURANCE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA WC (USA MCO) SOUTHERN PREMIER ADMINISTRATORS, INC. (USA MCO) SPLASHLIGHT, LLC (USA MCO) SPOKANE EDO, LLC (USA MCO) SSS-MANAGEABILITY (USA MCO) ST. CHARLES COUNTY(NSH) (USA MCO) ST. LUCIE COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COM(S1M) (USA MCO) ST. LUCIE COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD(S1M) (USA MCO) STAFFMARK GROUP (USA MCO) STAR INSURANCE COMPANY (USA MCO) STAR INSURANCE COMPANY - CA (USA MCO) STAR INSURANCE COMPANY(NSH) (USA MCO) STARR INDEMNITY WC PROGRAM (USA MCO) STATE FARM (USA MCO) STATE NATIONAL (ADMITTED) (USA MCO) STATE NATIONAL (ADMITTED)(NSH) (USA MCO) STATE OF CONNECTICUT (USA MCO) STATE OF INDIANA WC (USA MCO) STATE OF INDIANA WC(PIT) (USA MCO) STATE OF NEW MEXICO - GSD RMD(USA MCO) STATE OF WYOMING (USA MCO) STEVENS TOWING CO INC (USA MCO) STONETRUST (USA MCO) STONEVIEW LLC (USA MCO) STRATACARE, INC (USA MCO) STRATACARE, INC. (USA MCO) STRIPING TECHNOLOGIES, LP (USA MCO) STUDENT ASSURANCE SERVICES INC. (USA MCO) SUMMIT (USA MCO) SUMMIT POLYMERS (USA MCO) SUTTER HEALTH WORKERS COMP (USA MCO) SYNERGY(SYN) (USA MCO) TAILWIND TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - HARTZELL ENGINE (USA MCO) TAR HEEL CAPITAL CORPORATION NO.2 PON (USA MCO) TDX CORPORATION (USA MCO) TEAM SELECT HOME CARE (USA MCO) TEAMSTERS LOCAL 560 BENEFIT FUND (USA MCO) TECHNOLOGIES (USA MCO) TECHSOURCE (USA MCO) TECHSOURCE NATIONAL (USA MCO) TENNESSEE RISK MANAGEMENT TRUST (USA MCO) TERMINEX (USA MCO) TERMINIX SERVICES INC(NSH) (USA MCO) THE COMPTECH GROUP (USA MCO) THE EMPIRE DISTRICT ELECTRIC CO (USA MCO) THE EMPLOYER ADVANTAGE (WAUSAU TPA) (USA MCO) THE GOLUB CORPORATION (USA MCO) THE HANOVER INSURANCE GROUP (USA MCO) THE HEALTH PLAN (USA MCO) THE INS CO OF THE STATE OF PA (USA MCO) THE METHODIST HOSPITALS, INC. (USA MCO) THE METHODIST HOSPITALS, INC.(PIT) (USA MCO) THE PAPE GROUP (USA MCO) THE UNITED COMPANY (USA MCO) THE WALKING COMPANY (USA MCO) THEMA HEALTH SERVICES (USA MCO) THF (USA MCO) THOMAS-MCGEE (USA MCO) THP (USA MCO) TLC MANAGEMENT (USA MCO) TLC MANAGEMENT(NSH) (USA MCO) TRI (USA MCO) TRIANGLE INSURANCE (USA MCO) TRIBAL FIRST (USA MCO) TRISTAR (USA MCO) TRISTAR MANAGED CARE (USA MCO) TRITON HEALTHCARE PARTNERS LLC (USA MCO) TRITON HEALTHCARE PARTNERS, LLC (USA MCO) TRUEBLUE (USA MCO) TRUST(PIT) (USA MCO) TRUSTEED PLANS (USA MCO) TRUSTMARK HEALTH BENEFITS (USA MCO) TUC (USA MCO) TYSON FOODS (NATIONAL COMP CARE) (USA MCO) UFCW NATIONAL (USA MCO) ULTA BEAUTY INC. (USA MCO) UNDERWRITERS SAFETY & CLAIMS (USA MCO) UNDERWRITINGS SAFETY AND CLAIMS, INC (USA MCO) UNINSURED EMPLOYERS FUND WISCONSIN (USA MCO) UNITED FIRE GROUP (USA MCO) UNITRIN KEMPER PREFERRED (USA MCO) UNIVERSAL MOLDING (USA MCO) UNMAPPED CLIENT (USA MCO) UPHS (USA MCO) UPMC (USA MCO) UPMC COMMERCIAL INSURANCE (USA MCO) US METALS, INC. (USA MCO) USA MANAGED CARE ORGANIZATION (USA MCO) UTICA NATIONAL INSURANCE GROUP (USA MCO) VACORP - COUNTIES (USA MCO) VACORP - COUNTIES(PIT) (USA MCO) VACORP - SCHOOLS (USA MCO) VACORP - SCHOOLS(PIT) (USA MCO) VANLINER INSURANCE COMPANY - WC (USA MCO) VANLINER INSURANCE COMPANY - WC(PIT) (USA MCO) VANTAGE HEALTH PLAN (USA MCO) VDM MANAGEMENT (USA MCO) VENSURE EMPLOYER SERVICES (USA MCO) VENTURE LOGISTICS/VENTURE TRANSPORTATION (USA MCO) VENTURE LOGISTICS/VENTURE TRANSPORTATION PARTNERS (USA MCO) VOLUSIA HEALTH NETWORK (USA MCO) W. W. WOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY (USA MCO) WACHTER (USA MCO) WAFFLE HOUSE (USA MCO) WAFFLE HOUSE(NSH) (USA MCO) WAL-MART (USA MCO) WALTON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT(NSH) (USA MCO) WARNER BROTHERS (USA MCO) WARREN COUNTY (USA MCO) WCF (USA MCO) WCR (USA MCO) WELLCOMP (USA MCO) WELLS FARGO TPA (HEALTHSMART) (USA MCO) WERNER ENTERPRISES (USA MCO) WEST BEND (USA MCO) WEST BEND ARGENT (USA MCO) WESTERN NATIONAL INSURANCE (USA MCO) WESTFIELDS INSURANCE (USA MCO) WESTOVER CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (USA MCO) WHA (USA MCO) WIC (USA MCO) WILEY WILSON FULLY INSURED COMPLEMENTARY (USA MCO) WILLIAMS-SONOMA (USA MCO) WORKERS COMPENSATION FUND (USA MCO) WORKFORCE ENTERPRISES (USA MCO) WORLDWIDE SOURCING – SELF FUNDED (USA MCO) WORTH COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS (USA MCO) XEROX(CIQ)-ANCHOR CLAIMS MANAGEMEN (USA MCO) XEROX(CIQ)-EK HEALTH (USA MCO) XEROX(CIQ)-ESIS (USA MCO) XEROX(CIQ)-GEORGIA ADMIN SVC (USA MCO) XEROX(CIQ)-JOHNS EASTERN (USA MCO) XEROX(CIQ)-REVIEW MED (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-ACCIDENT FUND INS/UNITED HEARTLAND (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-ADVANTAGE WORKCOMP SERVICES (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-CARE SOLUTIONS (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-CARELOGIC (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-CCMSI (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-CITY OF LOS ANGELES (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-COMPRESULTS (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-FCS ADMINISTRATION (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-FLORIDA SCHOOL BOARD TRUST (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-HEALTH SYSTEM INTL (HSI-AL) (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-OCCUSYSTEM (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-RAS (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-REHABREVIEW (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-SEDGWICK (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-WAL-MART (USA MCO) XEROX(STR)-XEROX BILL REVIEW SERVICES (USA MCO) YANFENG GLOBAL AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS (USA MCO) YELLOW (USA MCO) YORK-RISK SVC GROUP (SBR-CA) (USA MCO) YPS ANESTHESIA SERVICES (USA MCO) ZENITH (USA MCO) ZENITH ADMINISTRATORS (USA MCO) ZENITH INSURANCE COMPANY AND ZIC INSURANCE (USA MCO) ZURICH NORTH AMERICA (USA MCO) A & I Benefit Plan Administrators Inc (Zelis) A  & S Financial Services Inc (Zelis) Acclaim, Inc. (Zelis) Acrometis, LLC (Zelis) ACS Benefit Services, LLC (Zelis) Acuity Group of Mississippi, LLC (Zelis) Administrative Concepts Inc (Zelis) Administrative Service Professionals Inc (Zelis) Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc. (Zelis) Adva-Net (Zelis) Aegon (Zelis) A-G Administrators Inc (Zelis) Aggressive Medical Cost Containment (Zelis) Aither Health (Zelis) Alicare Inc (Zelis) Allegeant LLC (Zelis) Alliant Health Plans (Zelis) Allied National, Inc. (Zelis) AllWays Health Partners (Zelis) AlohaCare (Zelis) Alpha Review Corporation (Zelis) Alternative Insurance Resources Inc (Zelis) Altrua HealthShare (Zelis) Amalgamated Insurance Co (Zelis) AmeriBen Solutions, Inc. (Zelis) American Benefit Corporation (Zelis) American Healthcare Alliance, LLC (Zelis) American National Insurance Company Inc (Zelis) American Republic Insurance Company (Zelis) Anchor Benefit Consulting Inc (Zelis) Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Zelis) ArcBest Corporation (Zelis) Arch Insurance Group Inc. (Zelis) Argus Dental (Zelis) Arizona Foundation for Medical Care (Zelis) ASR Health Benefits (Zelis) Automated Benefit Services, Inc- CURO (Zelis) Automated Benefit Services, Inc. (Zelis) Automated Group Administration Inc (Zelis) Auxiant (Zelis) Avalon Insurance Company (Zelis) BCBS of South Carolina - Dental (Zelis) Bdg Benefits Design Group, Inc. (Zelis) Beacon Risk Strategies, Inc (Zelis) Benefit Admin Sys - In (Zelis) Benefit Administration Services Ltd (Zelis) Benefit Assistance Corporation (Zelis) Benefit Management Inc (Zelis) Benefit Support Inc (Zelis) BeneSys - D&V Trade (Zelis) BeneSys - Portland (Zelis) Benesys, Inc. (Zelis) BeneSys, Inc. - CA (Zelis) Benicomp, Inc. (Zelis) Berkley Accident and Health LLC (Zelis) Best Life and Health Insurance Company (Zelis) Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Zelis) Blue Cross of Atlantic Canada (Zelis) BMI Benefits L.L.C. (Zelis) Bollinger Insurance (Zelis) Boon-Chapman Ltd (Zelis) Boulder Administration Services, Inc. (Zelis) Britton Benefit Services (Zelis) Broadspire (Zelis) Business Administrators & Consultants Inc (Zelis) California Foundation for Medical Care (Zelis) Calvos Insurance Underwriters LLC (Zelis) Cambridge Administrators LLC (Zelis) Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, Inc. (Zelis) Capitol Administrators Inc (Zelis) Caprock Health Group (Zelis) CDS Group Health (Zelis) Centivo (Zelis) Central States Joint Board (Zelis) Cerner Corporation (Zelis) Certus Management Group, Inc (Zelis) Chesterfield Resources Inc (Zelis) Christus Health International (Zelis) Cigna Payer Solutions (Zelis) Cigna-CMG Arizona (Zelis) ClaimChoice (Zelis) CMN Global Inc (Zelis) CMR Administrators, Inc (Zelis) CNIC Health Solutions Inc (Zelis) Complete Claim Solutions LLC (Zelis) CompNet America LLC (Zelis) Comprehensive Benefits Admin Inc (Zelis) Comton, Inc. (Zelis) Concierge Administrative Services (Zelis) Conduent (Zelis) Connected Care (Zelis) Consilium LLC (Zelis) Consociate Dansig (Zelis) Consolidated Health Plans Inc (Zelis) Contigo Health (Zelis) Core Administrative Services (Zelis) Core Benefits Inc (Zelis) CoreSource (Zelis) Corporate Benefits Service, Inc. (Zelis) Corporate Risk & Benefit Admin (Zelis) Correctcare-Integrated Health, Inc. (Zelis) CorVel Corporation (Zelis) Cotiviti Healthcare (Zelis) County of Ventura (Zelis) Coventry Health Care, Inc.- Workers Comp (Zelis) Cox Healthplans, LLC (Zelis) Crawford & Company (Zelis) Crescent Health Solutions (Zelis) Crum & Forster (Zelis) Crystal Run Healthcare L.L.P. (Zelis) CWI Benefits Inc (Zelis) Cypress Benefit Administrators (Zelis) Delta Health Systems Corporation (Zelis) Dental Select (Zelis), Inc. (Zelis) DenteMax, LLC (Zelis) Ebso Inc. (Zelis) Employee Benefit Service Center (Zelis) Employee Plans, LLC (Zelis) Employee Security Inc (Zelis) Employers Association Inc (Zelis) Encore PPO (Zelis) EPIC Life Ins. Co. (Zelis) Equian, LLC (Zelis) Essential Benefit Administrators (Zelis) Exceedent Health (Zelis) Exemplar Health Benefits Administrator (Zelis) Fabian & Byrn - IBEW Local 102 (Zelis) Fabian & Byrn - IBEW Local 164 (Zelis) Fabian & Byrn - Roofers Local 4 (Zelis) Fabian & Byrn, LLC (Zelis) Fairmont Specialty (Zelis) Fairpay Solutions, Inc. (Zelis) Fallon Health (Zelis) FCE Benefit Administrators, Inc (Zelis) First Agency, Inc. (Zelis) First Benefit Administrators (FL) (Zelis) First Choice Health Plan of Mississippi (Zelis) First Health Network (Zelis) Firstcare, Inc (Zelis) Florida Health Care Plan, Inc. (Zelis) Flume Health Inc (Zelis) Fox Everett (Zelis) Freedom Life Insurance Co of America (Zelis) Friday Health Plans (Zelis) Fringe Benefit Coordinators Inc (Zelis) Gallagher Bollinger (Zelis) Geisinger Health Plan (Zelis) Gilsbar, Inc. (Zelis) GMS TPA Services, Inc-Medicare Repricing (Zelis) Government Employees Health Association (Zelis) Grand Valley Health Plan, Inc. (Zelis) Group Administrators Ltd (Zelis) Group Benefit Services Inc (MO) (Zelis) Group Benefit Services, Inc.(MD) (Zelis) Group Health Co-Operative of South Central Wisconsin (Zelis) Group Insurance Service Center Inc (Zelis) Group Management Services, Inc. (Zelis) Group Plan Solutions (Zelis) Gulf South Risk Manager Ltd (Zelis) Hawaii-Western Management Group (HWMG) (Zelis) HCC Life Insurance Company (Zelis) Health Alliance Medical Plans Inc (Zelis) Health Cost Solutions (Zelis) Health Design Plus Inc (Zelis) Health Link (Zelis) Health Net, Inc. (Zelis) Health New England (Zelis) Health Partners Inc (Zelis) Health Plan Services (Zelis) Health Plans Inc (Zelis) Health Services for Children with Special Needs (Zelis) Health Systems International (Zelis) HealthCare Solutions Group Inc (Zelis) HealthComp Administrators Inc (Zelis) HealthEZ (Zelis) HealthNow Administrative Services (Zelis) HealthNow New York (Zelis) HealthRisk Resource Group Inc. (Zelis) HealthSCOPE Benefits,Inc. (Zelis) Healthsmart Benefit Solutions (Zelis) HealthSpring, USA, LLC (Zelis) Hewitt Coleman & Associates Inc HEW (Zelis) Humana Dental (Zelis) IHC Administrative Services, Inc. (Zelis) Ima, Inc. (Zelis) Innovative Claims Strategies (Zelis) Insight Benefit Administrators LLC (Zelis) Insurance Administrators of America (Zelis) Insurance Design Administrators Inc (Zelis) Insurance Management Services (Zelis) Insurance Program Managers Group (Zelis) Insurance Systems Inc (Zelis) Integra Administrative Group Inc (Zelis) Intergroup Services Corporation (Zelis) Intermediary Insurance Services, Inc. (Zelis) International Assurance of Tennessee, Inc (Zelis) International Benefits Administrators LLC (Zelis) Ironworkers Local 40 361 & 417 Health Fund (Zelis) IUOE Local 14-14B Welfare Fund (Zelis) JFP Benefit Management Inc (Zelis) John Muir Physician Network (Zelis) Kemper Benefits (Zelis) Kentucky Health Administrators (Zelis) Kern Health Systems (Zelis) Key Benefit Administrators Inc (Zelis) Lifetime Benefit Solutions (Zelis) Little League Association (Zelis) Lockard & Williams Insurance Services (Zelis) Lucent Health Solutions (Zelis) M.C.M. Construction, Inc. 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