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Noticing signs of skin aging?
Genetic predisposition and environmental factors including sun exposure, smoking, air pollution, stress and diet can contribute to skin aging. With advances in anti-aging treatment and technologies there are now more options than ever for non-invasive skin rejuvenation. Treatment for wrinkles runs the gamut from topical creams and moisturizers to cosmetic procedures.
SkyMD: Online Skin Aging Specialists at Your Fingertips
SkyMD dermatologists specialize in skin aging management and treatment. Based on patient photos and your responses to SkyMD’s online dermatology questionnaire, your doctor will provide a treatment program to help manage your symptoms and treat your aging skin. Our online skin aging specialists will customize a regimen that works with your needs and your lifestyle.

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Learn More About Skin Aging
What causes aging skin?
“Environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure, smoking and increased stress can predispose the skin to aging, wrinkles and lines.”
Common factors that may contribute to skin aging:
How does skin aging typically manifest itself?
“The long term consequences of sun exposure over the years lead to changes that weaken, thin and change the skin in ways that lead to wrinkles and discolorations.”
What are the main factors that contribute to changes in our skin as we age?
“There are three main factors: First, while young faces are lustrous and even-toned, the surface of the skin becomes dull and discolored with aging. Secondly, the skin, underlying fat, and layers of muscles within the face thin out as we grow older. This can cause a ‘caved-in’ appearance and produce undesirable wrinkles. Finally, our good friend gravity, combined with the loss of the skin's elasticity, can make the face sag and droop.”
Our dermatologists can treat a wide variety of skin, hair and nail conditions through SkyMD.